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Twitch Switches to Local Subscription Pricing in Turkey

by tenderpuls

Twitch, who posted a statement on its official blog, announced that local pricing for the subscription service will be made. According to the said statement, Twitch users in Turkey will now be able to subscribe to the broadcasters they want to support at a much more affordable price.

One of the world’s largest live broadcast platforms Twitchusers in Turkey, especially, a sincere “Oh!” shared his announcement. “One of the biggest changes in Twitch history“Realizing platform, starting from Turkey local subscription price He announced that he would switch to the application. Tier 1 subscription price on Twitch with this change 9.90 TRY it will be.

Well publishers How will it be affected by this change? According to the information shared, Twitch provides broadcasters for 12 months, including the month in which the price change started. income adjustment incentive will provide. Thus, as long as a broadcaster broadcasts live at least 85% of the time of the live broadcast reference value within a month and meets the eligibility criteria, the broadcaster’s to compensate for the decrease in subscription revenue “Income adjustment incentive” will be paid.

Twitch’s statement about the new local subscription pricing is as follows:

  • Tier 1 subscription price is three or five times higher in all countries. For $ 4.99 equivalent. This price makes it difficult for viewers in many countries to support their favorite broadcasters, grow their communities, create more content, and reach new audiences.
  • Percentage of active users who subscribe to broadcasters in Europe or Asia, relative to North America about 50% lower. Almost 80% less in Latin America.
  • Over the next few months, we will adjust subscription prices (existing subscription, new paid subscription, and gifted subscription) in many countries to better align with local living costs. First adjustment, 20 May 2021in Mexico and Turkeywill be in. Many countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe will follow Mexico and Turkey in the third quarter of 2021.
  • Before making this decision, we performed several price tests and showed that low subscription prices publishers increase their total monthly subscriptions and subscription revenue We saw. In one of our recent tests in Brazil, lower subscription prices more than doubled the total number of subscriptions and the publisher’s revenue.
  • Twitch will cover 100% of the baseline channel and Prime subscription revenue for the first three months, including the month the price change begins (if needed). Then, for the next 9 months, we will reduce incentive payments by 25% every three months. So the total Income adjustment incentive for 12 months will be provided.
  • As long as the broadcaster streams at least 85% of the time of the live stream baseline within a month and meets certain other eligibility criteria, we will pay a “revenue adjustment incentive” to compensate for the decrease in that broadcaster’s subscription revenue. If the publisher performs beyond their average, that is, increases subscription revenue, they will receive that increased amount, not the incentive payment. Even if they fall below the reference value in the next months will continue to receive income incentives.
  • In Turkey 9.90 lira The new Tier 1 subscription price corresponds to a significant discount. We can’t wait to see the results of this, to watch communities embrace their favorite broadcasters. We want to provide a smooth and successful experience to the community with a gradual transition to the new application. In addition, we will continue to keep our community informed about the development and next steps of the transition process.

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