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Promotional Video Implying a Hi-Fi Supported Package to Apple Music

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Apple has added a new promotional video for its online music platform, Apple Music. Titled “Get ready. Music is about to change forever,” this video references Apple Music’s upcoming Hi-Fi supported subscription package. The package is expected to be announced on May 18th.

US-based technology giant Apple, for a while “Apple Music“It comes to the agenda with the Hi-Fi supported subscription package, which is said to be added to its service. Even though Apple has not made an official statement on the issue so far, the leaks are subscription package Hi-Fi supported a new AirPods reveals that the product will have a natural result. In addition, according to the allegations, Apple Music’s Hi-Fi supported subscription package and new AirPods, May 18 With a press release to be published (tomorrow) announcement of Waiting.

Now there has been a new development on this subject. The company has added an Apple Music promotion in the video It implies that it will announce a new subscription package. Of course, there is no date or detailed information in this promotional video, but the claims made so far are included with this video. partially verified looks like.

Here is the promotional video section added to Apple Music

In fact, the latest beta versions of Apple Music’s Android version are 24-bit / 48kHz and 24-bit / 192kHz. high sound quality He gave some clues about it. iOS 14.6 beta versions were referencing Dolby Audio. So there will be a new high quality subscription package to Apple Music it was obvious. Here is that subscription package, added to Apple Music “Get ready. Music is about to change forever“It is slowly getting clear with the annotated promotional video.


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As we just mentioned, when will Apple Music’s new subscription package be available? not finalized. It is also unknown what the price of this subscription package will be. However, previous leaks revealed that Apple would not charge extra for this subscription package. With the explanations that Apple will make, this situation cleared, all uncertainties will be removed.

Here is the promotional video added to Apple Music

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