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First trailer for GI Joe Origins movie arrives

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Snake Eyes, which has been the most popular hero of the GI Joe series for many years, is now getting a movie about its own past. The first trailer came from the production starring Henry Golding.

Especially among figure collectors, action figure The statement is used very often. This idiom is used to describe that the product we see is different from dolls, is realistic and can pose. The emergence of the concept of action figure is GI Joe has been with.

The team that developed GI Joe made the series “due to the financial bottleneck they were experiencing.”thinning“He would have to go his way. Instead, they decided to keep the equipment of the team members and create a ninja character with almost zero equipment. This is ninja. Snake Eyes was and became the most popular character in the series.

Legendary GI Joes

Snake Eyes has been the favorite of GI Joe fans in comics, cartoons and toy sales for many years. How the character we know with his mask, swords and unstoppable rage came to be Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins the movie will answer.

The film will star Henry Golding as Snake Eyes. In this production, it will be told that the character lived years before they crossed paths with the Joe team. In the production with Robert Schwentke in the director’s chair, Snake Eyes Entry into the Arashikage clan and we will watch the ninja learn his way.


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Another famous ninja among the characters to be featured in the production Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji), The Baroness (Úrsula Corberó) and Scarlett Characters like (Samara Weaving) will also appear. Of course, the movie will tell a story focused mainly on Snake Eyes.

Building the new GI Joe universe

snake eyes


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If the aim of the movie is Snake Eyes taking advantage of its popularity creating a new GI Joe universe. In other words, it will be possible to see that the infrastructure is created for other films in this movie. If the series achieves the desired success, we can see an MCU-like structure because the GI Joe universe has quite a lot of stories and is quite crowded.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins movie 23 Julwill be released in theaters. You can watch the trailer of the movie from the video below.

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