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‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ will be sold as NFT

by tenderpuls
YouTube'un İlk Viral Videolarından 'Charlie Bit My Finger' NFT Olarak Satılacak

One of the most watched viral videos since its release in 2007, ‘Charlie bit my finger’ (Charlie bit my finger) will bid farewell to YouTube. The video, which was put up for sale as NFT through auction, will be removed from YouTube after its sale.

One of the first viral videos uploaded to YouTube in 2007, 14 years ago, ‘Charlie bit my finger‘Is getting ready to take its place among the viral content sold as NFT. In the video featuring two lovely brothers, one-year-old Charlie bites Harry’s finger on his older brother, and poor Harry pretends to be a great brother and just be said little by little.

This fun video with more than 881 million views on YouTube On the 14th anniversary of May 22 will be put up for sale as NFT by auction. The auction will end on May 23, and the video will be removed from YouTube after the sale takes place. The auction will be held on the charliebitme.com website, hosted by the NFT platform Origin Protocol.

The purchaser of the video will have the opportunity to make their own video with Charlie and Harry:

The person who participated in the auction and made the highest bid and bought the video as NFT, also met with Charlie and Harry. with two brothers, own version of the video will have the chance to shoot.


Refik Anadol sold one of his work for 87 thousand dollars with NFT

With the increasing popularity of NFTs, many viral content was converted to NFT and put on sale. Finally, the photo of the fire girl, which drives us to strange feelings every time we come across it, has also been put up for sale as NFT in recent weeks and For 180 Ethereum was purchased. Apparently, as these outrageous numbers continue to be given to these content, we will continue to receive news of viral content that is on sale in abundance.

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