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Xiaomi patents a dual-scrolling phone

by tenderpuls

It turned out that Xiaomi received a patent that allows the phone’s lower module to slide in both directions. In the phone patent, it is seen that there is a camera setup and a thin screen on the part that moves in both directions.

In the ongoing race between smartphone manufacturers, companies are constantly more innovative designs they struggle to improve. Features such as wider and bezel-less screens, foldable phones and under-screen cameras have shaped the phone industry over the years as a result of such efforts. We were eagerly awaiting what the next innovation would be.

At the moment, foldable phones are emerging as the most popular trend of the day and open to improvement. Other manufacturers have begun to participate in this race led by Samsung and the eyes are already turned on the next trend. It turns out that Xiaomi continues to work for the next innovation without slowing down. The company receives a new patent is also the proof of this.

A phone with a rear module that can slide in both directions:

Xiaomi for this new patent, which came out with a report published in Letsgodigital On January 13, 2020 He made his application to the State Intellectual Property Office. The date of the patent is 14 May 2021.

In the design visuals in the patent, a phone design that can be shifted to a single side first catches the eye. In this design, the rear module that is shifted to the side camera setup seems to take place. There is no camera on the back of the phone. In the second design visuals, it is a similar phone but shifted in a different direction, and this time in the part where the camera is located in the previous design. a thin screen stands out.


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The real big change is in the third design visual. In this design can be slid in both directions The camera and additional vertical fine screen detail is seen on a phone. This screen is thought to be a screen that can be used as a keyboard while typing or while playing games. It is also possible for the screen to be used as a notification screen. This design, which we think is a combination of both designs, will whether it will appear on a phone is not yet known.

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