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Lightforge Games to Rewrite the RPG Genre

by tenderpuls

Old and experienced employees of two big game companies such as Blizzard and Epic Games decided to establish a new studio called Lightforge Games. The goal of this new independent studio is to change the RPG genre.

Need Blizzard if necessary Epic Games They are known as companies that have a weight in the gaming industry and make a name for themselves with almost every job they do. Now, some former engineers of these two firms Lightforge Games He founded an independent game studio with his name.

Lightforge Games, right now “Where players can create new worlds and to a unique freedom a new cross-platform, social video game of its own “ says he’s working on it. This indicates that we can see a very unusual RPG.

Lightforge Games created excitement


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The studio’s founders include Matt Schembari (Epic’s former UI manager), Dan Hertzka, Nathan fairbanks (Former project manager and manager, BioWare, ZeniMax Online, Epic), Glenn Rane (former Blizzard art director) and Marc Hutcheson (former brand manager and marketing director for Blizzard and Epic). In the team’s CVs World of WarcraftStar Wars: The Old Republic, Overwatch, Fortnite, and The Elder Scrolls Online.

CEO of the firm Schembari, in a statement “We all love sociable, creative games, and we especially love gamer-set productions. Elements in Minecraft or Roblox, with desktop role-playing games We’re looking for a new way to play RPGs by combining them. If we look at our past, making a game that will change RPGs is an obvious choice. “ said.


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Although the phrase changing RPGs is quite ambitious and bold, there are some hints about the game in the description. For example, Roblox looks more like a game making platform than a game. Shaped by the actors and we may come across a massive multiplayer role-playing game that enriches its content, or a production where we can freely use digital desktop game tools. Considering that the studio has already received an investment of 5 million dollars, the expectations are quite high.

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