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Being a Superman Replica in All Superhero Movies

by tenderpuls

Recently, there are many different productions where superheroes are not really super. What they all have in common is that they have one Superman who could not be assigned. So why?

For a very long time, comics have been adapted for television and the big screen. In the last 20 years however, these adaptations have now exceeded a certain quality. As a result, almost everyone is trying to find a way to get a share of this cake with their own heroes by looking at their copyrights.

In the history of comics “dark AgeThere is a period called “. Of the American Comic Book Authority With Image, who declared that he would not take his approval, the heroes became darker, and the sector first grew rapidly and then hit rock bottom due to teams that could not adjust the dose. A similar cycle seems to be seen today.

Everyone has a Superman, he stops inside

Not everyone is familiar with comics, and not everyone has to be. Yet we somehow hear or see the TV series and movies. When we look at the series even for a couple of episodes, we see a lot of characters whose features are similar to Superman’s features: In The Boys series HomelanderAt Invincible OmniManIn Jupiter’s Legacy Utopian

An S in the center in almost all storiesuperman flash character has. Even in Megamind, the hero named Metroman appeared directly as a Superman flash. Why does everyone start their universe by writing a Superman?

To understand this, first of all Who is SupermanMore importantly, it is necessary to look at what the effect is. Get ready to learn some interesting points about Superman and some different points about the character.

Superman? That bald and full type?

evil superman

Superman character creators Jerry siegel and Joe schusterfirst in 1933 “The Reign of the Super-ManHe introduced Superman in the work named “. In this story, xenophobia in the US society of the time was evident. Who is a bald character Supermanwas a villain trying to take over the world through mind control.

This story hardly hit. More in the middle when there are not even superheroes The story of a super villain did not attract people. There was also another problem, although people did not like foreigners, America was ultimately a country of immigrants. The problem was that people preferred to cluster over their old nations.

Thereupon, those of Jewish origin and II. World War Seeing the effects of xenophobia during his time, the duo gave Superman a second chance. This time Supes, who came from another planet, people (of course middle class white Americans) was becoming a good person by adopting the values. This could also be seen as an indication that Jews could also be integrated into the United States.

Super hero stories started

superman first issue

Comics are ultimately one-frame cartoons in the newspapers. evolve to evolve it had become a comic book. On the other hand, when we looked at the early examples of the species, we saw that more usual adventures were drawn. Love stories reminiscent of photo novels, small Tijuana Bibles with erotic content (you don’t name the holy book in the erotic publication, friend), detective stories were very popular. In fact, DC Comics, which is a giant today, also started out as Detective Comics.

If with Superman a new concept was emerging: Super hero. There was a need for characters who would give hope to the society that was tired of war, drowned in its own troubles, and that had just risen to its feet after the great depression and war. Moreover, as we mentioned above, the USA was a country of immigrants. Since they did not have a common cultural background, they tried to create a common mythology.

Superman’s inspiration was also according to him

Hz.  Jesus

Krypton’s son Kal-El, The story of Superman as we know it was actually inspired by another story. When I attended the online superhero culture tutorials he co-authored with David Uslan a few years before the late Stan Lee passed away, Lee asked us to create a character based on mythological characters as a homework. He said that this was a widely used technique.

The inspiration used for Superman is Hz. From jesus it was not someone else. There are many similarities between the Man of Nazareth and the Man of Krypton, as Christians say. Superman’s earthly parents Martha and Jonathan Kent known as the pair. Martha’s first name was named Mary (Mary), while Jonathan’s father’s second name was Joseph (Joseph). These names are Hz. It was the name of Jesus’ mother and father.

Superman’s family name, El, God in Hebrew means. El (God) sends his son to Earth so that it bless humanity and “be the guideThey also say that Daredevil is full of religious references. Stories with biblical references do not stop there.

Passing the same roads


Hz. When Jesus turns 30, he sets out alone in a remote area. Hz. Jesus makes this journey in the desert. Clark Kent is again When he started his journey at the age of 30 alone goes to Antarctica. In fact, references to this subject find their way into Superman Döniyor.

Superman fought every imaginable character and every foe. Muhammad Ali, the Terminator, Alien, whoever he found, had two fists each other. The only real war he lost is Doomsday is with. To protect humanity Doomsday against sacrifices himself.

Of course this situation is in the movie Doomsday It is not known whether Yehuda will make Batman, who forced Superman quite a lot before the fight with him, but the parallel of the story is not overlooked. So Superman in stories become a center is coming.

Icons are easy to recognize


When we examine a culture, icons appear among the first material examples of culture. Even three stones linked together can be an icon. What we can call American Mythology the biggest icon of superheroes is confronted as Superman. (If you want, I can explain the differences between comic book types in another article, you can write in the comments.)

As a matter of fact, who will challenge this culture counter-culturefirst discusses these icons. Thus, they enable readers to associate the character with a character they know in their minds as soon as they see it. Honestly the first time we saw Homelander or Omni-Man “Like Superman” we think.

Generally critical, bringing a different perspective It is normal to have this icon in the target of the works. That’s why almost every publishing house that deals with superheroes first starts with their own Superman to create their own mythology.

Finally, it can be really tiring to write Superman all the time.

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