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Alternative Scenes Discovered at Resident Evil Village

by tenderpuls

In Resident Evil Village, it was discovered that you can kill Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters in different sequences, and these sequences lead to alternate scenes. According to the videos circulating on social media, you can meet other siblings without killing Bela. You may see different reactions from Lady Dimitrescu, depending on the path you choose.

An alternative path was discovered while playing Resident Evil Village, which made its majestic debut on May 7. TikTok and YouTube According to some of the videos shared on the internet, the order in which you will play some matches in the game is up to you. Also uncommon when you choose the other way you encounter different scenes as a prize.

Resident Evil Village has many alternatives; it’s not a very finite game. However, there are some minor choices that are given to players with the apparent intention of being the spice of the game. There are some changes brought about by these elections that do not have major effects. Let’s take a look at these newly discovered possibilities.

Your turn to kill Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters causes different scenes

Actually, the selection mentioned here is not that big. You choose which of the three people you will kill first. Most players Lady Dimitrescu while killing your daughters From Bela plays as if it should be started. But Possible to escape from Bela and kill one of the other two people.

Lady Dimitrescu’s reactions are changing


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One of these witches we encountered in the castle part Cassandra in the library section, Daniela is in the arsenal section. Which one you encounter first is entirely up to you. Lady Dimitrescu, in one of the alternate scenes, Mother Miranda he makes a phone call with him and experiences a small burst of nerves. Dimitrescu, who calls and scolds Cassandra in one, and the third, encounters you in the hall.

This detail soon became viral on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. It seems that gamers enjoy being able to make small choices in games that affect the little things. The game has not been out for 2 weeks yet, so we can hear that other alternative scenes have been discovered.

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