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Starfield Will Be Xbox and PC Exclusive Game

by tenderpuls

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, we were expecting some of the new games, especially the bigger ones, to be Xbox and PC exclusive games. Here, the first of these games was Starfield. Jeff Grubb, one of the familiar names of the game world, made the confirmation.

One of the beloved names of the game world Bethesda, Came out with a brand new game at the E3 2018 conference. During the conference, a 1-minute trailer was shown, and only space and a spacecraft were featured in the trailer. With the trailer, we understood that the game was a space-themed game. Although Bethesda is going to release a game that will take place in space, the company did not share anything about the game after this trailer.

Although it is not an official development today, it is one of the names known by the game world and gives information about the games beforehand and from inside. Jeff grubbShared a statement on Twitter. Making a statement regarding the claims that Starfield will be a special game, Jeff Grubb said that the game will only be on Xbox and PC explained. Although this situation upset the PlayStation players, it did not really surprise us.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda was already a sign:

Microsoft used Bethesda months ago For 7.5 billion dollars he bought. According to some reports after this acquisition, Sony did not was in talks with the company. The purpose of this meeting is to use Starfield, the game in question in our news. As a PlayStation 5 exclusive game to market. So if this were to happen, Starfield wouldn’t be on Xbox and PC.

Following Microsoft’s acquisition, of course, the company was expected to develop custom games with Bethesda. VP of Microsoft Gaming a few weeks ago Phil Spencer, made in the statement had included statements confirming this. Therefore, Starfield, which was expected to make a big break, was almost certain to be a special game.


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It is still unknown when Starfield will appear again. But according to the allegations At the E3 2021 event Bethesda or Microsoft will reveal its new game and give a release date this time. In fact, according to different claims, Starfield’s ads have already been adjusted. This indicates that the game may come out this year or next year.

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