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Games in Roblox Will No Longer Be ‘Games’, but ‘Experiences’

by tenderpuls

As the debate between metaverse and game continues to grow in the game world, Roblox has stopped calling its games a ‘game’. The company will now use the concept of ‘experience’ instead of the word ‘game’ and ‘person’ instead of ‘player’.

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple dates back to the definition of the concept of ‘video game’. Epic is a ‘game’ of its own game Fortnite, not a ‘game’metaverse‘, that is, it aims to prove that it is a kind of virtual shared space. This will make the App Store a place not limited to games only. Proving to the opponent, Apple, that Epic is a company wholly associated with the game and the App Store distinguishes ‘application’ and ‘game’ from each other wants to remain a place with user friendly policies.

While the concept debate between these two continued, Roblox, one of the most popular games of today, made a move that would not put itself into these discussions in the future. It contains more than one ‘game’ and is actually a social game Roblox is also a sales platform and as it allows the creation of different games. game engine also serves as. The players, from each other to different worlds logging in. This change is due to the ongoing discussions and this feature of the game.

Games in Roblox are no longer ‘games’, but ‘experiences’:

Only a day or two ago on Roblox’s website ‘GamesThere was a tab named ‘. In this tab where game creators manage their own games, the ‘user limit for each game’most players‘expression was included. These two expressions have undergone a big change in these days when the concept of game is being discussed.

The name of the respective tab of Roblox is now ‘Discoverchanged to ‘. Users entering the Explore tab are no longer ‘with games’,’by experience‘It happened. The limit that indicates the maximum number of players that can take part in the games is’most people‘was changed to. The change has also been made in Android and iOS apps. Although Roblox has transformed into an ‘experience’ platform according to the new change, it is still listed in the game category on iOS and Android.


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Roblox’s description of his games as ‘experience’ occurred last year as well. CEO David Baszucki, the game is a ‘metaverse’ had said. In this statement made on the day Roblox went public, the company stated that the players have created 18 million ‘experiences’ to date.

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