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Fish can be caught in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

by tenderpuls

Treyarch announced in the blog post he shared today that new content will be added with the big update coming on May 20. One of these ingredients was fishing. It is not yet known how fishing will play a role in the game.

Zombies mode enjoyed by Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players, On May 20 it will get a big update. Although not much information has been shared about the content of this update to date, Treyarch provided exciting and interesting details in the blog post he shared today. Game fishing will be added announced.

Frankly, we cannot predict why a feature such as the ability to fish will be introduced to a Call of Duty game or more specifically to a zombie game mode. However, it was officially announced with the shared statement that this feature will come to Outbreak mode. The best guess we can make is that fishing is in the game. as a mini-game to serve.

Fishing can also be instrumental in surprise eggs:

The Zombies mode and surprise eggs have been the perfect match so far. Treyach, with the new update the first story-based surprise egg also announced that he will come. In his post on Twitter bomb monkey figure and “Wait for my markHe showed the card with the statement. With the update, it has been announced that new documents, remnants and communications will also be added to the Outbreak mode.

Other innovations to come with the update:

With the update to be released on May 20, the game will continue for a limited time. Cranked 2: No Time to Crank A mod named will also be added. Along with that, the Silverback Slideways map will come to Dead Ops Arcade 3. Of course, it will be played with the balance of weapons and players will be given the opportunity to bring their own sketches to fashion.


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Another exciting detail shared by Treyarch concerns even more advanced periods. The company in the fourth season of the game new zombie map stated that he would come. Although it is not known which map this map will be, according to the allegations made, the map, Berlin it will be.

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