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Features Inaccessible to WhatsApp Contract Rejectors

by tenderpuls

The deadline for you to accept WhatsApp’s new privacy agreement ends today. So what will happen to the WhatsApp account of those who do not accept the contract? We have briefly explained what features will deprive users who do not accept the new principles of WhatsApp.

The world’s most popular online communication service WhatsApphas been on the agenda for a long time due to new privacy principles. Although the claims that these principles, which were announced for the first time at the beginning of the year, will be canceled, pleased the users, the only change made in this regard was the postponement of the deadline. The deadline for the adoption of the updated guidelines has finally arrived, and the sanctions that WhatsApp will impose on this issue have been finalized.

At first 8 February The deadline for admission, due to the reactions It was postponed to 15 May. Although some think that this update has been canceled, the day has come to decide. Before we make your decision what qualifications those who do not accept the principles will be deprived of we briefly summarized. Will those who do not accept the policies be able to use WhatsApp? Will WhatsApp of those who do not accept just be suspended? Let’s put an end to these discussions.

Features that those who do not accept the new principles will be deprived:

  • Access to the chat list
  • Responding to calls and messages outside the notification screen

In the second stage:

  • Access to the application
  • Message and call reception

Access to chat list will be denied

whatsapp agreement

Users who do not accept the WhatsApp contract until May 15, which is the deadline, will lose their right to access the chat list. So WhatsApp users in old conversations and contacts will not be able to be viewed.

Messages and calls cannot be answered from the application

whatsapp agreement

Entering the application and chatting will also be limited due to the blocking of access to the chat list. It will only be possible to respond to new incoming messages and calls from the notification section of the phone. So if you don’t accept the contract you will not be able to write to someone who has not written to you.

The application will become dysfunctional

whatsapp agreement


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After several weeks of limited functionality, you will only be able to enter the WhatsApp app to accept the contract. In other words, the application will have no meaning other than the “accept – reject” notification.

Messages and calls will not be forwarded

whatsapp agreement

If you still haven’t accepted WhatsApp’s new contract after weeks, messages and calls won’t be sent to your account. So you will have an account that can be called a ‘ghost account’. Other than that to backup your conversations You will be able to download your data and delete your account from the settings section.. Or if you do not want to use another application, you will be able to accept the agreement and regain access to all features.

What to do? Should we delete WhatsApp or not?

whatsapp agreement


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We can say that WhatsApp will implement a harassment policy to adopt its new policies. So what if we accept it? It is being debated whether users are an issue to be concerned about. While some argue that other applications will need to go the same way as they become popular, some of them “Need to put its limits on WhatsApp” says. The applications that those who do not want to accept the contract are mostly switched to Telegram and Signal. If you still have question marks in your mind, you can find our news where we compare the features of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, here. And of course, we need to mention that the final decision is with you, the users.

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