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8 Challenges That Will Make FM 2021 More Fun

by tenderpuls

Tired of Football Manager 2021, the world’s most popular football management simulation? Try these new challenges as well. Be sure, they will make you look at the game and football in a whole new way.

Football Manager series is among my favorite games, as I mentioned in our list of game recommendations from many people and here. Fans of the series can look for new adventures after a few hundred hours of playtime. Ready when the houses are completely closed It is necessary to look at some challenges that will add excitement to the game.

First of all this from the challenges It should be noted that some may require an in-game editor. As long as you do not abuse this situation, you can create quite enjoyable seasons and crazy struggles.

Challenge # 1: Brother Is he a teacher too?

My favorite fiction for this challenge Britain’s Yılmaz Vural scenario. We start from the bottom after opening the UK and Ireland leagues. By the bottom, quite a bottom. Zero coaching certificate, as a football field gunner in our career we started unemployed We will try to rise and take the Champions League one day.

Challenge # 2: Ali Şen President

ali sen

Ali Şen has sent all the important names in Fenerbahçe, which has been longing for the championship for many years, habitual formed a squad and reached the championship. In this challenge too Arsenal We take over a team that has been looking for its old glorious days for a long time. We will send all the players and the technical team and try to go to victory with the staff we choose. Depending on the team you choose, you can set time for the championship.

Challenge # 3: Are You Leading Care?

clever leading care

Slaven Bilic In Beşiktaş, which was restructured in its period, Önder Özen stood out as the name that decides which players will be bought and which will be sold. In this challenge, too, from player purchases, sales and contract renewals our football director will be responsible. The Wonderkid you invested in will sell for three thirty dollars and will bite the edge of the seat with anger, buy players who do not fit your tactics, at least my experience has been in that direction.


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Challenge # 4: Financial Fair Play


This distinguished challenge that caused me headaches as a Beşiktaş player is actually nowadays. Turkish football biggest problem. So what do we have to do in this challenge? According to the team we selected within 5 years at the mostWe need to win our league without damaging them in any year. While many players are already doing this, there is a slight difference: In this challenge, we will only transfer players on loan or test service. Our transfer budget will only go to salary and signature money.

Challenge # 5: We’re two, they’re one

two teachers

To fulfill this challenge to a friend you need. Technically, it is up to you how you will act in this challenge, where you will run the same team of two people. Will one of you dedicate himself to transfers and training, while the other will look at match tactics and press relations? Will you make every decision by discussing? You have the ball there now.

Challenge # 6: Turks are coming

big four

This is one of the challenges that an editor needs. Generally, For Turkish leagues The rules that apply make it very pointless to play in our league after a while. In particular, restrictions on young players that are not applicable are a concern. In this challenge, we increase all the facilities of each club by 5 points, especially the infrastructure facilities. Level of any facility We do not leave it under 12. We also double the number of fans so that their revenues will increase. We do not buy any of these beauties to our own club.


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Challenge # 7: namesake what’s up?

war of the josh

In this psychopath challenge mode, we can recruit players with the same name to the whole team. Depending on your wish, you can also accept versions of the same name in different languages, for example Omar, Omar, Oumar as. My favorite is one of his nicknames “The Jacks” to fill a lot of Jacks in Swansea City, to do justice to our name.

Challenge # 8: Our youth are our future

rıdvan erersin

What we will do in this challenge, Within 5 years We will improve our team’s infrastructure as much as we can. Because when we come to the end of the 5-year period we put ourselves, our players in our club have to be players who only grow from our own infrastructure.

Football Manager 2021 is ultimately a game rather than a simulation. Nevertheless, these kinds of different challenges will also make it possible to look at football from a different perspective.

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