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Nokia Announces New Button Phone 2720 V Flip

by tenderpuls

Nokia announced the Nokia 2720 V Flip, which tries to be a smartphone with its features but does not look like a 15-year-old push-button phone. Although the phone will not satisfy those who want an advanced smartphone, it is perfect for those who say “Hello, it is enough”.

Failing to become one of the popular brands in the smartphone market Nokiaseems to be trying to bring its popularity for “traditional” phones to the smartphone market. In this context Nokia 2720 V Flip Announcing a new phone called the Finnish brand, it promises an experience between a smartphone and a traditional phone.

When we look at the design of the Nokia 2720 V Flip, it was in the hands of almost everyone 15 years ago, a clamshell phone with buttons we encounter with. However, when we start to examine the features of the device, at least not enough to be expected from this form factor. advanced features We can say that it offers.

Nokia 2720 V Flip also offers an app store similar to KaiOS Store and Play Store

Before anything else; There are two screens on the 2720 V Flip. Inside 2.8 inch sized QVGA displayWhile it benefits from standard phone usage; located on the cover 1.3 inch sized screen a “always on display“It functions and serves to display information such as time and date.

When we look at the hardware features, we encounter modest features, just as we expected. Qualcomm 205 processor (not Snapdragon), 512 MB RAM and 4 GB The device that comes with a hardware that reminds of the early days of Android, such as internal storage, although 4G LTE offers connectivity and supports apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook KaiOS working with.

nokia 2720V flip design


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With its Wi-Fi Hotspot feature and Google Assistant support for voice commands, the 2720 V Flip is perhaps the most striking feature of the 2720 V Flip, which makes smartphones jealous, with its 1.500 mAh battery. 26 days standby time charging life that can offer. As Nokia has released the device in partnership with Verizon, the device will be available only in the US, at least for now, and 80 dollars will have the price tag.

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