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#Netflix Canceled Agenda Due To Fatih Terim Documentary

by tenderpuls

With Netflix’s announcement of the Fatih Terim documentary, #netflixiptal tag, Twitter entered the trends in Turkey. The interesting thing is that with the label in question, more Galatasaray supporters share than rival teams.

The world’s largest online movie and series streaming platform Netflix, with the statement he made on his official Twitter account in the past hours Fatih Terim documentary that they started to work on had announced. This statement, which was made just 1 day before the last week’s matches in the Super League, was welcomed by Galatasaray fans, as well as other team fans. aroused reaction.

Shortly after Netflix’s sharing of Turkey’s documentary Fatih Terim #netflixclip tag, Twitter in Turkey entered the trends. In particular, Fenerbahçeli and Beşiktaş fans, Netflix’s Super League champions will be determined the day before the last week’s matches, Netflix sided He stated that he showed.

Some users who said that they would cancel their Netflix subscription due to the Fatih Terim documentary:

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 2

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 3

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 4

Documentary by Fatih Terim tweet 53

However, the strange “trend” habit of Twitter users continued on #netflixiptal. When we click # netflix cancel on Twitter Trends and look at the shares posted with the tag, we are more Galatasaray fans We see that you share. Therefore, rather than those who protested the documentary, the label in question was If we say that Galatasaray people have made it into a trend, it is appropriate.

The shares of Galatasaray fans about the trend of #netflixiptal:

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 6

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 7

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 8

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 9

Fatih Terim Documentary tweet 10

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