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Sony Announces DualSense Two New Color Options

by tenderpuls

Sony has announced that two new color options for the PlayStation 5’s controller, DualSense, are available for sale. Naming the new designs “cosmic red” and “midnight black” to the new designs that can be purchased in June, the company has designed aesthetically impressive products.

Japan-based technology giant that released the new game console called PlayStation 5 last November. Sonymade a new statement about the new game console today. According to the statement made on the company’s official website, PlayStation 5 owners, as of next month DualSense They will be able to choose 2 new color options. Sony has prepared new color options for DualSense. “midnight black“and”cosmic redHe names it as “.

The controller named DualSense, designed for PlayStation 5, was talked about a lot when we met the console. Because Sony engineers add to this game handle haptic feedback It aimed to provide a unique experience to the players with its feature. However, this joystick has only had a single color option to date. That color is also for PlayStation 5. launch color the one was white. June will change this situation.

Introducing DualSense’s new color options

In the statements made by Sony, the color of cosmic red “the universe unique vibrant redEngineers who prefer to use the impressive combination of red and black instead of using a single color in this color option, thus in terms of aesthetics it looks like they will have delivered an impressive experience.


In the color option called midnight black, two different shades of black We see. When creating this design, Sony used what space looks like from the sky at night. make feel says he wants. The gray phrases on the remote would give this feeling the best.


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Sony has not announced a clear release date for DualSense’s new color options. At this point, the products release date Stating that it may vary depending on the region, Sony did not mention the price of the DualSense with new color options. Finally, the DualSense models with these designs technically It should be noted that it is no different from the stock control, only changes are made on the colors.

You can watch the video below, where the new color options of DualSense are introduced.

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