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How to Check for a Stray Phone?

by tenderpuls

It is highly probable that the phones that you buy as second hand or zero but are well below the market are one of the phones that have entered our country illegally. So, how do you know if your phone is on the run? We explained step by step the method you can apply to control the escaped phone in all details.

Everyone will admit that the phones sold in our country are quite high due to the exchange rate and many different taxes on the product. For this reason, users are turning to second-hand phones or phones that are very affordable for no reason. Used phones or phones sold well below market price The probability of being a smuggled phone is quite high. Telephones entering our country illegally, runaway phone evaluated as.

Well, if you buy an affordable or second-hand product in good faith runaway phone How do you know if it is? To clear your doubts about this, you can check the IMEI number of the phones, which we can call the identity number. The device you use by querying the IMEI number free of charge via e-Government You can find out if there is a runaway phone. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

How to check the illegal phone?

  • Step # 1: From here, open the e-Government Gateway IMEI Inquiry page,
  • Step # 2: Write down your IMEI number and Inquire Click the button,
  • Step # 3: Check if the information registered in the IMEI number and the device information you are using are the same.

Step # 1: Open the e-Government Gateway IMEI Inquiry page:

By logging in with your account information via e-Government, you can perform your transactions in many public institutions and organizations online. One of these processes IMEI Query, It is a process carried out in cooperation with the Information Technologies and Communication Authority.

You do not need to login with your e-Government account information for IMEI Inquiry. You don’t even need an e-Government account. Only what we gave above Just click the link to open the transaction page. You can perform as many IMEI inquiries as you wish for free.

Step # 2: Type in your IMEI number and click the Search button:

imei inquiry

There are many different methods to find out the IMEI number of the phone you are using. But the easiest is; open the device’s search screen and write * # 06 #. After you key in these numbers and characters, you will see the EID number, IMEI number, IMEI2 number and MEID number of the phone you are using.

After opening the e-Government IMEI query screen and learning your IMEI number, click the search bar. Your IMEI number consisting of 15 digits in summer. Since it is a somewhat complicated trick, it is useful to check it again after you write it. After making sure you have spelled the IMEI number correctly Inquire Click the button to start the process.

Step # 3: Check if the information registered in the IMEI number is the same as the device information you are using:

state, imei questioning, result

By correctly typing your 15-digit IMEI number in the search bar on the e-Government IMEI Inquiry page, prepared in cooperation with the Information Technologies and Communication Authority. Inquire when you click the button the inquiry process starts. Although it varies according to the system density or the quality of your internet connection, the result will appear in a few seconds.

In the result screen; The IMEI number, registration status, registration source, query date and the brand and model information of the device where the IMEI number is registered will appear. If the IMEI Inquiry results page appears If the phone you are using with the information keeps the information, there is no problem. If it does not appear to be registered or the information appears to belong to another device, the device in your hand will be considered as a smuggled phone.

What is a runaway phone?

runaway phone

Telephones brought to our country from abroad can be used by paying a certain fee within 120 days by registering it with the IMEI number in the passport of the person bringing the phone. You can find the details here. But to our country on phones brought in illegally Since no such action has been taken, they are considered as illegal phones.

Phones that enter the country illegally are generally registered with the IMEI numbers of old, unused phones. This process is also the reason for evaluating the phone as a illegal phone. In another known method, the person, He brings a phone from abroad but does not create a record on itself. Within 120 days, he sells this phone to another user, but the phone closes the communication for which it is not registered. It is a frequently used fraud method.

What you need to be careful not to buy a smuggled phone:

runaway phone

If you say ‘I am involved in illegal business and illegally brought from abroad and registered with the IMEI number of an old phone, with no assurance and no guarantee I want to use a device. ‘ you know. Nobody can interfere in anyone’s life.

Like every sane user, the only method you can apply to avoid getting a smuggled phone is the IMEI check we explained above. Whether below market price or second hand; for every phone you don’t buy from a trusted official outlet First, do IMEI query. Make sure that the phone information you will receive with IMEI registration is compatible. Of course, you should do the inquiry before you get the phone.

If you bought the phone illegally without knowing that it was a smuggled phone, when you find out about it You can take legal action by saying that you have been defrauded. For these situations, you should ask for a sales document to be issued. However, there is nothing to do about a smuggled phone that you even bought because you are also guilty.

Why shouldn’t we buy smuggled phones?

runaway phone

Although the definition of illegal phones creates the perception that these phones are sold by suspicious people under the bridge, you can find people who sell these devices even on popular shopping sites. How do these shopping sites allow sales, Does anyone control these places? This is also a subject of discussion.

You should not use smuggled telephones because the situations such as bringing, recording, selling, purchasing, or using the phone each separate act against the law evaluated as. So the incident is completely illegal. The end of the thread can even be attributed to an organized crime organization.

If you say I will buy it even if it is illegal, remember that these phones do not have any guarantee or guarantee. In these devices that are not guaranteed by the distributor or even the importer. you have no legal basis whenever a problem arises. Even if the phone blows up the first moment you plug it in, you can’t complain to anyone.

With e-Government IMEI Inquiry How to check a phone leak We answered the question and explained the important details you need to know about the subject. Telephone prices are very high, we know this, but still do not resort to such means to pay a few hundred dollars less. No one can guarantee that your loss will not be much greater.

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