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Epic Games Will Give Free Game Next Week Has Not Announced

by tenderpuls

Epic Games Store, known for its free games and discounts, has not announced the game it will give next week this time. The platform, which makes Lion’s Gate free today, reported the next game next week, and the phrase ‘mysterious game’ was included.

Game sales platform that offers a new or a few games to players every week for free Epic Games StoreThis time, he drew attention by not announcing the game to be given next week. The platform always announced the game that it would normally give free of charge 1 week in advance. This is the free game a big game brought along thoughts that it would happen.

The Epic Games Store added a game to the free games section today as every week. Platform, ‘Lion’s Song‘will give the game free of charge for 1 week. But in the part where the free game to be given next week is notified, instead of a game name featured the phrase ‘mystery game’ and a counter.

‘Mystery game’ could be a big production


Epic Games made the game worth 13 TL for free

Epic Games Store is a platform known for the games it distributes for free every week. It was often seen that big games such as GTA 5 were also offered to users for free on the platform. Again, hopes that such a great game would be given for free next week were sparked by a counter shared on the platform.

Epic Games, which gave Lion’s Gate for free this week, shared a mysterious counter instead of naming a game in the part where the next game was announced. ‘Mystery game‘There was no explanation about the surprise to be made on the screen with the phrase’. The visual in the part where the game of the week is announced shows what the possible ‘big game’ is. It may be giving a clue. He will see the allegations that will emerge later in the week; What is the free game to replace Lion’s Gate? We will find out on May 20.

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