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Artificial Intelligence From Intel Turning GTA 5 To The Real World [Video]

by tenderpuls

Intel tested an artificial intelligence algorithm named “Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement” it is working on in GTA 5. This algorithm, which we can translate as “Enhancing Photorealism”, makes GTA 5 look like Street Navigation found on Google Maps.

In our content we share with you from time to time, one of the most popular video games in the world GTA 5 We are talking about some mods created for. In particular, these modes, which play on the graphics of the game, make GTA 5, which was released in 2013, look almost like glass. This time, we will talk about such a situation. However, this time our topic is not a mode, A new artificial intelligence algorithm Intel is working on.

The artificial intelligence algorithm that is being worked on by Intel Labs is “Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement”.Enhancing PhotorealismAs you can see from its name, this algorithm, which is about photorealism, makes any image appear as if it were real. However, the image produced by the algorithm is so realistic that to be honest. it bothers people. Here, Intel used GTA 5 to understand what this technology offers, and it produced very impressive images.

This is how GTA 5, processed by Intel’s artificial intelligence algorithm, looks like this

Of course, the fact that an image supported by artificial intelligence looks exactly like real, at least in current conditions So hard. However, the artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Intel is like an image that normally belongs to a game. Google MapsIt can make it look like it was taken from Street Wandering in. You will see how impressive this is much more clearly in the video we will share soon. Up to that video though, you can compare the in-game image below with the image above.

Intel GTA 5

The artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Intel excite apparent. However, it is currently unknown whether this type of artificial intelligence will be used by game developers one day. If our previous sentence becomes real and video game companies, especially Rockstar Games, integrate technologies such as Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement into their games, we know that the games are virtual “real“We can get the opportunity to play in a world.


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If you want to reach technical details about Intel’s Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement technology, here created for artificial intelligence using the link Github page you can visit.

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