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Starlink Antenna Installed in the Car and Connected to the Internet on the Road

by tenderpuls

YouTuber Alex Brooks managed to connect to the internet via satellite while connecting a Starlink antenna to his car and watching it at slow speed. This may be the most important proof that Starlink can also be used in automobiles in the future.

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX implemented by Starlink project is one of the most exciting and promising alternatives to the existing fixed broadband internet infrastructure. With thousands of satellites launched into orbit, a high-speed and uninterrupted satellite internet Aiming to offer the experience, Starlink manages to offer impressive speeds even though it is still in beta.

To use Starlink, you need to order a Starlink installation kit and become a Starlink subscriber. Although the installation set consisting of a satellite dish, router and mobile application is normally built to be installed and used at a fixed point MarzBar YouTuber Alex Brooks, owner of the YouTube channel called, to see if Starlink will be used as “mobile”. interesting experiment realized.

Starlink satellite dish as a Land Rover DefenderAlex Brooks, who placed the entire Starlink set inside the vehicle, checked whether Starlink’s internet connection was interrupted and how the internet speed was while constantly changing location with his vehicle. Result; Even if the Starlink antenna is moved from one place to another satellite connection is not interrupted and continues to provide internet service.

In fact, Elon Musk has made statements on this issue before and He stated that Starlink can also serve in land, air or sea vehicles. However, since it will not be possible to place huge antennas on the roofs of all vehicles, it is likely that Starlink antennas specially designed for vehicles will be offered for sale.

Video of MarzBar testing Starlink in a car

You can watch the video about Starlink prepared by Webtekno team below.

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