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Instagram Adds “Pronouns” To Their Profile Page

by tenderpuls

Seeing more and more users adding a self-describing pronoun to their profile, Instagram added the feature directly to their profile information. However, since pronouns are currently available in a limited number of countries, we cannot test it in detail.

One of the most popular social media apps in the world Instagram:is an application that is extremely popular among users a new feature included in the application. With this feature, users will be able to add their gender directly to their profile information.

Until now, Instagram is only one of the users for the profile page. name, username, website (optional), biography (optional) such as requesting a limited amount of information. Now, this information is indirectly gender also added. Seeing that most users share information declaring their gender on their profile, even though there is no such obligation, Instagram can directly Information Profile Looks like he decided to add it to the page.

This is how the Instagram Pronouns feature looks

Instagram, the new feature in question “Pronouns“and users are describing themselves allows him to add pronouns. Instagram, possible To avoid sexist jokes has forbidden any words to be added to the section in question. At least the permitted pronouns for now are more about gender.

How to use the Instagram Pronouns feature?

  • # Step 1: Open the profile page.
  • # Step 2: Tap the Edit Profile button.
  • # Step 3: Tap the Pronouns section.
  • # Step 4: Add any pronouns you want.
  • # Step 5: Decide if you want to show it only to followers.


The pronouns you set, on your Instagram profile right next to your name It will be exhibited a little more pale. If you don’t want to publish the pronouns in question publicly, a “Show to Followers Only“There is also the option.

In the Twitter post where Instagram announced the feature in question, the “Pronouns” feature only available in a few countries yet and plans to release it in more countries. In our own checks, the Instagram Pronouns feature Not available in Turkey We saw.

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