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WhatsApp Announces What Will Happen After May 15

by tenderpuls

WhatsApp announced on May 15 that it will not delete any user’s account, but it seems that it will make the app almost unavailable in a few weeks, leaving users between ratifying the contract and switching to another messaging app.

World’s most popular messaging app WhatsAppThe latest date for May 15 was the date on the new privacy policy discussions that have been going on since earlier this year. New to users to accept privacy policies WhatsApp, which gave a deadline until May 15, announced what will happen when this period expires.

Before going into details, let’s clarify the following issue; After 15 May nobody’s account will be deleted. However, users will face constant contract reminders. Also after a certain period of time contract notice message will become permanent and the functionality of the accounts of users who do not approve the agreement will be reduced.

WhatsApp will not delete user data after May 15, but will render the app unavailable

According to the statements made by WhatsApp, if you do not approve the agreement, you will not be able to access your chat list, but you will be able to answer phone and video calls. Also, if your WhatsApp notifications are open able to respond to incoming messagesYou will be able to call back for calls you missed. After a few weeks, you will not be able to receive messages or calls.

In short, WhatsApp will not delete users’ accounts or data, but will limit the critical functions of the application, allowing users to approve or approve the new privacy agreement. alternative messaging apps will force you to search. When WhatsApp announced that it would delete the accounts of users who did not approve of the new privacy agreement, millions of users were lost to alternative apps. We will wait and see how the company can avoid potential new losses.

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