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Introductory Video for Love Death + Robots from Netflix

by tenderpuls

Netflix shared a promotional video that increased the excitement for the animated series Love Death + Robots, which is in the 18+ category. Season 2 of Love Death + Robots will be available to subscribers on May 14th.

The world’s most popular online TV series and movie streaming service Netflix, Published in March 2019 Love Death + Robots It managed to gain the appreciation of its subscribers. Love Death + Robots, an anthology series by Tim Miller and David Fincher, at the 2019 Emmy Awards “Best Short Animation Program“He even got his award.

Adult content (18+) This animated series, published in the category, is in the second season or in Netflix’s words Volume 2 getting ready to meet with subscribers. Netflix has released a promotional video for Love Death + Robots 2nd volume, which will be released this Friday, May 14th, to increase the excitement of its fans.

Netflix shared a statement for Love Death + Robots “Scary creatures, ominous surprises and dark comedy go hand in hand. This animated story anthology by Tim Miller and David Fincher, not to be watched at work“He uses the expressions that when you watch the promotional video, you will definitely agree with Netflix.

Love Death + on the cast of Robots Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Gary Cole has. Love Death + Robots volume 2 to receive notifications as soon as they are published here Click to access the Netflix page and set a reminder.

Love Death + Robots’ Red Band trailer

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