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Spotify Brings New Features for Shares

by tenderpuls

Spotify has introduced three new features that will enhance the sharing experience for users who share music and podcasts on social media. Users will now be able to share podcasts starting whenever they want, and review their Canvas before sharing.

We shared everything we like or do not like on social media, which has become an integral part of our lives. This is what we listen to in our posts music and podcasts is also included. However, we can say that Spotify users were limited in terms of sharing the music and podcasts they would share on social media.

Today, Spotify has added three new ways for users to share their favorite podcasts and music. Users can stream their podcasts starting today. wherever they wish To use Canvas, they will only be able to get rid of the reliance on Instagram stories and have a look at how Canvas will look before sharing.

Podcast sharing with time stamp:

Brought by Spotify timestamped podcast sharingwill allow you to share the podcast you listen to from wherever you want. So, for example, if you want your followers or the person you want to share to only listen to the episode after the 15th minute of the podcast, you can do the sharing starting from the 15th minute.

Canvases can also be shared on Snapchat:

Canvas feature, which adds continuous looping video clips that last between 3-8 seconds to the music listening screen, has been shared only in Instagram stories until now. But Spotify, starting today, its users’ Canvas Also in Snapchat stories will allow them to share.


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Canvas previews and new share screen design:


Spotify has recently made innovation on the sharing screens of its users. The company will allow you to better see what you are sharing and where to share with the new clean design. You will also share the Canvas how to appear in the post you will be able to see beforehand.

These small but important innovations of Spotify, in fact, also help users use social media. will affect positively. According to Spotify’s survey of users, 40% of music discovery occurs through social platforms. So social media is extremely important for Spotify users. Therefore, the company is working on all kinds of innovations that will improve this experience.

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