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MrBeast Set His Eyes on Being Elon Musk

by tenderpuls

Jimmy Donaldson, one of YouTube’s most important content creators and known as MrBeast, has set his sights on becoming the Elon Musk of content creators. It provides this with interesting business ideas.

America’s most subscribers YouTuber the one Jimmy DonaldsonIs known by the name MrBeast. What opens the door to this fame for him is his unusual video contents and different projects he has realized.

Starting its journey in 2018 MrBeasthas managed to attract attention with frequent donations. In these videos, youTuber gave thousands of dollars to random people, while buying houses for the homeless, Uber We’ve seen him gifting sports cars to his drivers.

Generosity has become a win-win

MrBeast, Despite all this crazy money he handed out Since the style of video content attracts great attention, it gains a lot from advertisements. With 91 million subscribers, MrBeast’s videos have more than 13 billion views in total.

Himself “YouTube’s biggest philanthropistdescribing as MrBeastWhile initially working with a team of 10 people, it later expanded this team. He preferred to choose his employees from his friends, family and acquaintances.


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Only one of the channels of YouTuber, which currently has 6 channels monthly income of $ 3.1 million finds. Moreover, this revenue does not include income from sponsors and product sales. When they are included, this number grows even more.

Will YouTube be Elon Musk?



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Perhaps the biggest similarity between Davidson and Musk is that they have their own that they managed to somehow turn fame into business and money happened. In addition, it is a fact that both names have taken different initiatives. MrBeast, for example, is in the kitchens of restaurants that were closed due to the pandemic in December. MrBeast He made a product called Burger. More than 1 million of these burgers have been sold.

Donaldson also won a $ 25,000 prize for the last to stop touching the screen. mobile game also released. Due to the subsequent interest, the second version of the game was made available this time with a reward of 100 thousand dollars. What it has done is a new generation of content creators. Role model can create.

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