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Finding a PS5 by 2022 will be difficult, according to Sony

by tenderpuls

Although it has been 6 months since its release, it may not be possible for us to get the Play Station 5, which is almost impossible to find and buy. At least Sony’s statements are in this direction.

Sony’s next generation game console PlayStation 5was released at the end of last year. However, it is not easy to find and buy one of these consoles due to the problems caused by the high demand and the pandemic. It seems that it won’t be easy for a long time.

According to Bloomberg Sony’s CFO Hiroki totoki, “I do not think the demand will decrease this year. Although we have guaranteed that there will be more devices and we will produce more PlayStation 5 next year, our demand is based on demand. will not be able to reach.” said.

Warning to analysts

Totoki also warned analysts that the PS5 supply will remain low until one point in 2022. The device released in November 2020, excessive customer demand, stockists using sophisticated softwarecould not be produced sufficiently due to global manufacturing and logistics problems, global chip crisis and pandemic.

Sony is also when it will return to normal No official date was announced. Sony spokespersons, who were asked for their views on the subject, also chose to refrain from making a statement. So there is a big unknown.


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PlayStation boss who gave a series of interviews earlier this year Jim Ryanstated that a very significant amount of consoles will take their place in the shop windows in the fall of this year. Saying that they will provide more supply each month, Ryan also said that they expect the situation to get better soon.

PlayStation 5s do not stop on sale



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PlayStation 5s almost as soon as they hit the market wiped away. The shelves of the console, which cannot be found in internet stores, in physical stores are also very likely to be empty. The second hand or resale market has reached an incredible size.

PlayStation 5s on some second hand sales platforms market price Over 30-60% finds buyers at prices. Let’s see what a roadmap Sony will follow to solve the PlayStation 5 crisis.

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