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Countries with the Most Shares in the CS: GO Player Community

by tenderpuls

The countries with the highest shares and their percentage shares in the CS: GO player community have been announced. The Russians, the most colorful community in CS: GO, also make up the largest community.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive or simply CS: GO, undoubtedly the world one of the most popular competitive FPS games in position. Although it is a game of about 11 years, it stands out with both its deep-rooted history and its simple structure that almost every player can adapt to in a short time. CS: GO, continues to exist even today with millions of active players.

Although English is used as the common language for communication in teams where random players come together, CS: GO has players from almost every nation. Well Nationalities have the largest share in the CS: GO community Have you ever thought? Sharing statistics about CS: GO Leetify announced the nations with the largest share of the CS: GO player base.

Turkish players make up 4.20 percent of the CS: GO community

According to the data announced by Leetify, it attracts attention with its sanctuary (!) In CS: GO matches Russian players, 11.65 percent CS: GO makes up the largest slice of the player base. USA, 10.66 percent It ranks second just after Russia. Polish if the players 5.32 percent and is the third most populous community in the CS: GO community.

One of the two South American countries on the list of 20 countries Brazil, 4.87 percent and the fourth largest CS: GO community. Germany 4.55 percent; Turkey if 4.20 percent with the 5th and 6th countries with the most players in the CO: GO community. 9th in the world rankings JapanIs the Asian country with the largest share in the CS: GO community.

Countries with the most players in the CO: GO community

CSGO player base

  1. Russia
  2. USA
  3. Poland
  4. Brazil
  5. Germany
  6. Turkey
  7. Canada
  8. Ukraine
  9. Japan
  10. United Kingdom

Leetify states that it is based on its own 7 million matchmaking data. Therefore, there is a possibility that the data in the hands of Valve, the developer of the game, and the data disclosed by Leetify, but this difference is at least small enough not to change the ranking of countries thought to be. In addition, the 20 countries in the image above, 70 percent of the entire CS: GO player base Let’s also mention that it created.

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