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How did Red Dead Redemption II become a legend in just 3 years?

by tenderpuls

Why and how Red Dead Redemption II managed to become a legend in a short time with you in episode 8 of Legendary Games, we are examining together.

As you know Legend Games In our series, I was generally writing games that were old and had a separate place for the actors and left stories in our lives. In this episode of our series, Red Dead Redemption II I will write on the subject. RDR2 has earned itself a perfect place among truly legendary games in 3 years.

Of the series third Red Dead Redemption II, which is a game, was really an unforgettable production in the game world, based on other games. Actually, I can praise you all around the game. It is also worth mentioning that it is an unforgettable game, especially with its historical references and story structure. Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption 1 games were not that much fun. I have to admit that Rockstar Games has already made a 2018 game one of the legends.

The Van der Linde Gang story is a work of art

15-year-old Arthur Morgan, who joined the Van der Linde gang that was founded in 1878 (Red Dead Redemption 1), grew up in the second game and became a complete musketeer. When we start the game, we meet our character Arthur while transporting the gang on a difficult winter day. This scene of the play is very important, as everyone in the world is playing this part of Quentin Tarantino. The Hateful Eight likens to the movie. Referring to the time when gangs were legalized in American history, our gang leader Dutch wants to make a final hack.

We say, my brother, we did the complete robbery, we blew everything and we say “haydaaaa” at that moment. We’re following The Pinkerton Agency. Meanwhile, our gang leader is coming to the point of slightly chilling in Dutch. Choking on the river, constantly saying the last job, stabbing the man, and so on and so on. “And daddy, how were we getting legalized?” we say, but Dutch doesn’t stop. We are also dealing with Micah and so on (and we passed ourselves to save this guy). Although we’re not used to playing two characters in a game, “attention spoiler“After Arthur has passed away, we continue the last 20% of the game with John Marston. In the meantime, let’s say Dutch is making a big noise. In short, the game has such an intriguing scenario and you know that such events took place in the USA at the time, or the game completely surrounds itself for this reason. You can’t help quitting.


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The mechanics of the game are legendary

Now, when it comes to realism, the game is truly legendary. Mechanics we are used to from GTA In RDR2 but here the “realism” factor, which certainly does not miss this, really stands out. When you force your horse, the animal cracks, the ability to drink at a bar and cause a scene, to get arrested, to be searched for a crime in a city. All of these clearly complement the artificial intelligence mechanics of RDR2. Rockstar did not forget that; “When you are searched in a city, you are not searched everywhere, my brother.” Often the biggest problem we had with similar games was the problem of being Wanted instantly everywhere. RDR2There is no this in.

Shots, conversations, every move we make has a consequence. In Red Dead Redemption II Every step you take triggers a different event. It was one of the things that made me happy the most. As you know, you cannot usually intervene in the story in every game, but there is no such situation in RDR2. It’s always about fighting. By the way, I also loved the game’s wild animal mechanics, at that time the USA was quite open to wildlife. In a moment, the panther can jump into your head and take you off the horse. This increases realism.


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The places and the atmosphere are very thoughtful, hey baby hey

RDR2 Graphics

This is the biggest dynamics of the game. Everything is thought out very carefully. All venues are directly American classic. On time TRT ‘And whatever there is in the cowboy movies we watch RDR2there is it. The soundtrack and events of the game continue in the same way. Bars, hotels, stables, and campgrounds are really the cowboy movies we know.

People looking for gold, miners, and even missionaries are finely crafted in the game. As you play the game, you notice that the conditions under which even industrialization takes place appear clearly. Yesterday gang wars The guys you make are businessmen a day later and they are laying the railroad. The game really fascinates you.


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Graphics and optimization are fine

Spaces Atmosphere

In the game, which has great graphics that create an excuse for people to buy PlayStation, all the area coverings are again carefully made. Now I’m going to write that this game was a great console game before it came out on the PC. I have so many friends around me that I just go to play RDR 2 PS 4 the area you wouldn’t believe.

While playing the game, my biggest concern was to have an optimization problem and experience incredible problems. 1 TB PlayStation 4 Slim ‘I did not have such a problem, only the PS4 starts to burn after a while while playing RDR 2, you can also feel it, but this does not create any in-game performance. The animations in the game are very carefully prepared. It seems that the errors in GTA have been taken into account. In particular, they removed the absurdity of arms and legs swinging in separate places. Those who have experienced this already know among you.


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Don’t trust everyone in the game, they will blow the guy

RDR Story

Either here is the most fun part of the game. You trust someone, you have a look at it, it went up to your pants. Especially when you go to a house and eat and drink with husband and wife. To your drink sleeping pill they throw it and you are stripped. How did I laugh, I cannot tell in this scene. Then I went and got my money back though, but I had a lot of fun.

However, it is necessary to scan the spaces very seriously, it is really great to find loot behind a painting or in the fireplace in any place. If you are on the road with your horse and you encounter people with serious depression problems and say I will do you good, you may fall into a trap. The gunmen around you can take everything and leave you. RDR 2 a true Western either.


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How did the 3-year game become a legend?

  • Open in Western games
  • Realistic story-based narration
  • Graphics
  • In-game mechanics
  • Thoughtful story and design structure
  • Atmosphere
  • Customization tailored to characters

All Red Dead Redemption 2 ‘good legend. The Wild West concept is a topic that game companies do not want to go into. The biggest reason for this is the companies’ reservations about “minorities”. Rockstar Games has done a great job by handling this really carefully. Making a game and writing the script is already a difficult job, but I can say that Red Dead Redemption 2 has literally curled this job. Rockstar Gamesn The same popularity in 2018 if there was never a game series like GTA RDR 2he could catch with.

Does the game have no missing parts? Of course there is, for example, we can criticize the game in terms of localization. As in GTA again Turkish no language packs. However PC version and Online are also released quite late. But when you look at it, the game is totally a legend. Another build like RDR 2 will not come out in the next few years, at least. This brings the game to an average of 6-7 years old and adds it to the “cult” games list.


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Please specify which game you want to see in the next part of the legendary games in the comments, by the way, you can share your RDR stories with us in the comments.

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