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No DLSS and Ray Tracing on Days Gone PC Version

by tenderpuls

Answering questions from the players, Days Gone developers announced that there will be no ray tracing and DLSS technologies in the PC version of the game. A similar situation was experienced in the previous PlayStation exclusive game Horizon Zero Down, which came to the PC.

Developed specifically for the PlayStation 4 game console in 2019 Days Gonehad received generally positive comments from the players. One of the news that made the players happy recently came from this game. Sony announced that Days Gone, the PlayStation 4 exclusive game, will release the PC version, and also created the Steam page of the game.

With the announcement of the game coming to the PC version, one of the issues that was wondered was whether it would support new generation technologies. Over the past weeks, Days Gone’s PS5 (PS4 version) and PC versions graphic showing difference a video was posted. The fact that there was not much difference in that video made this question even more prominent. Today, an answer came to this question from the developers of Days Gone.

No ray tracing and DLSS:

Answering questions from gamers, developers use NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology of Days Gone PC version. will not support explained. Thanks to this technology, the games are displayed in high resolution even though they are run at lower resolutions, and the performance of the games was increased. But the only bad news didn’t come from DLSS. Developers in game with DLSS there will be no ray tracing technology explained.

Although the lack of these two great technologies will upset those who expect the PC version of the game, Days Gone is still on the PC. some special options will bring. Players will have features such as higher level of detail, foliage drawing distance, shadow quality, rendering, texture, field of view in the PC version. In addition, 60 FPS or unlimited FPS and ultra-wide-angle monitor support will also be offered with the game.


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Previous PlayStation exclusive game brought to PC by Sony It was Horizon Zero Down. In this game, too, the players lacked DLSS and ray tracing technology. Still, the visuals of the game were loved by PC gamers. Therefore, we can expect Days Gone to have a similar scenario.

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