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iPhone 12 Pro Max Unboxed Tiles

by tenderpuls

Another name has been added to the list of unfortunates who are greeted with a big surprise when a world gives money and opens the box that reaches it. A customer who bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max in the UK found pieces of broken tiles from the box.

Imagine that you gave yourself a whole lot of money and bought a new phone. You are excitedly waiting for the day when the box will arrive. When that day comes and you open the box, what do you see? In the box instead of the phone trashed. As you know, these kinds of events happen frequently and all sorts of strange items you can think of can come out of the boxes.

A similar incident happened in England. iPhone 12 Pro Max pieces of broken tiles emerged from the box, which was received by a customer who bought it. Moreover, this customer purchase is not from strange places that can be considered fraudulent, but one of the UK’s largest telecommunications companies. By Virgin Media had bought.

The shipping company has confirmed that the packaging is sealed:

Olivia Parkinson, who contacted customer representatives as soon as she saw the broken tile pieces out of the box, also tried to defraud Virgin Media, accused of lying. Virgin Media stated that Parkinson had given misleading information after the courier company confirmed that the packaging was delivered in sealed condition.

After the situation, Parkinson, who carried the incident to Twitter, demanded that his grievance be rectified. With the statement made by Virgin Media spokespersons after the investigation, Parkinson’s It was announced that he was right. Although it is not known exactly how it happens, when the predictions reach the shipping company of the box is in sealed original box but at some point until it got there, the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the box was replaced with broken tiles.


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After the situation, Parkinson’s payment will be returned it was announced and its outstanding balance was also deleted. Despite this, Parkinson said she stopped using Virgin Media services, especially due to the allegations she faced at the beginning.

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