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How did League of Legends become so popular?

by tenderpuls

How did League of Legends, one of the two most popular MOBA games in the world, become so popular? Have you ever thought about what it was actually up to that LOL, which is on almost every gamer’s computer, was so popular?

eSports We wanted to share a content with you about how League of Legends, the most popular game in the world, has come to this day. How do you think Lol, which is still one of the most played games in the world, has become so popular? Of Riot Games We will talk about the strategic and MOBA world that it realizes from different angles.

With its daily expanding structure, which is on the computer of almost every game League of Legends, DOTA in the world of Warcraft 3 and Heroes of Newerth League of Legends, which dethroned it, is actually quite ingenious and has a really finely planned structure for players. Come on, let’s join our “How did it get so popular” section.

Let’s start with the advent of MOBA as a game category:

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) actually the last For 6.7 years is a concept. Previously Tower Defense so TD We were quite right to play the games mentioned as. DOTA is based on the TD game logic included in the additional maps of Warcraft 3.

The first to try to be a game in itself after Dota MOBA the game Riot Games League of Legends had happened. However, things were not going very well for LOL in 2009 as well. DOTAThere was a game structure that was described as quite strange next to. Heroes of Newerth was one step ahead in this regard, as both paid and DOTAIt was more like. Warcraft 3Players who switched from HoN to HoN expected it to contain less toxic players because the “game will be paid”. But it cannot be said that it is so. Of Heroes of Newerth The biggest problem was that the players could not be controlled and when a player was banned, all the money was wasted.


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The first game that League of Legends ‘slapped’:

HoN did not get the efficiency it wanted in as little as a year. However, in this process, MOBA the game was free first then closed. During this period, League of Legends got bored with DOTA and HoNIt really became a port for players who were disappointed with it.

Riot Games both DOTAand made a great breakthrough in both items and maps. It offered a really interesting experience for players looking for difference. Think Yurnero you play, but your character looks always the same. You can buy your favorite champion skin in an instant.


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It was loved because it is a faster, easier, more colorful game than its rivals:

As you know, DOTA was a much darker and more difficult game world. At this point Of Riot Games he did “What do players who cannot play DOTA want?? ” The question really made the game grow. DOTA really wanted a serious effort in combining hand combinations and champion abilities. However, you needed additional programs to use the active items in your bag.

Riot Games, League of Legends While designing, he will really have done serious studies on user experience; “MOBA is for everyoneThey acted with a motto like ”. Your own minions Deny You cannot, you cannot block minions, you encounter your opponents in the corridors and kill more minions and try to win a nice buildle game. If you open the gap with your opponent at the beginning of the game and win the corridor, you can finish the game in an average of 25 minutes. At this point when you look at the average 40/60 minutes It has a faster systematic than DOTA, which has interplay time.


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Lying at the gates of IceFrog Blizzard, League of Legends got rich from skin sales:

Tyrande Reis

I am strange IceFrog To Blizzard DOTAWhile trying to sell, Riot Games had suddenly begun to sell champion skins to its growing player base. DOTA, which started to lose its own player base, is constantly developed in many ways. Of League of Legends He started to lag behind. On the one hand, DOTA is obliged to the Warcraft infrastructure, on the other hand, League of Legends, which develops the game as it wants.

Players want their favorite champions costumes They became able to afford it, which increased the sympathy for the champions. The more you can customize a character you love in a game, the more you own it. The biggest part of the player experience “personalized profiles”Is. Riot Games At this point, he really made a breakthrough and became the winner.


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The exploding cosplay trend was advertised for League of Legends

MF Costume

Exploding around the world cosplay Thanks to the current, many players have started to cosplay League of Legends. In many game fairs in Turkey and the world LOL We started to see their characters alive. This is also League of Legends even those who had no idea about it.

Riot Games made a breakthrough here and started keeping their own cosplayers. Lol’s marketing team has done a good job at this point, hiring the best cosplayers in the cosplay market. League of Legends she got the cosplay done. So suddenly LOL viral has happened.


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Riot Games was the company that grew eSports in the world:

ESLJoint tournaments and organizations that started with, started to turn into large-scale events. Online tournaments are giving way to offline tournaments, and ESL, Riot Games in cooperation eSports growth was starting. League of Legends was becoming increasingly popular, both thanks to its awards and huge audience. Everyone who plays the game To ESL tournaments He began to think that he would be a good eSports player by joining and that he could earn money by playing games.

At this point Riot Games By organizing its own tournaments, it both took control of its community and League of Legends became a globalized game. eSports Thanks to their actors Lol, they traveled the world and were recognized by the whole world. Think about it, if you are a good Lol player, why not become an eSports player and travel the world? In short Riot Games As the pioneer and promoter of eSports, he both created an industry and popularized his own game.

Supported League of Legends publisher market


Riot Games’ biggest breakthrough in this matter Twitch.TV to support publishers. Twitch.TV broadcasts and YouTube By supporting content producers, they provided a great opportunity for the game to grow. Send promotions to publishers and content producers, invite them to tournaments or even broadcast eSports players. encourage It’s a great strategy wherever you look at it.

We are the publishers we love League of Legends While watching their broadcasts, there was actually a huge industry working in the back. Smart strategies Of League of Legends It supported its growth and prepared it for the point it is today.


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No room for cheaters, account sellers, boosters and toxic players:

League of Legends If we think that gamers who like it are really affected by reverse psychology. It takes a lot of patience to put more time and effort into a game you’re banned from. LOL It has an interesting structure that teaches players how to play and how to stay calm.

Riot Games It has achieved really successful works with its solid stance by not breaking its own rules and staying loyal to the decisions it has made. Loyal players peaceful You could often even see Riot Games employees in active games to ensure the gaming experience. Thanks to the development of the artificial intelligence-based penalty mechanism over time League of Legends it has become a more relaxed game.

In fact, we tried to process how League of Legends is popular in today’s world in many ways. Especially DOTAThe creation of his own monster has led to the birth of the most played game of today. In 11-12 years who have achieved very successful works and shaped today’s game world League of Legends and Riot Games It is necessary to celebrate here.

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