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WhatsApp Canceled May 15 For Privacy Policy

by tenderpuls

It turned out that WhatsApp gave up on May 15, which it mandated to approve its new privacy policies. The statement, first from an India-based news source, was confirmed by a spokesperson.

With a radical decision taken in the past months, WhatsAppsurprised users with a last-minute move. “Press Trust of India”, an Indian-based news outlet, said in a statement on Twitter that the company has made a new decision. no account will be deletedOf WhatsApp that you gave up He claimed.

According to the statements made by WhatsApp, the company will offer a new privacy policy to users and this policy change will be to be accepted would have to. These privacy policies have disturbed users because their data will be shared with Facebook, even in countries where the policy will not apply. to react had led. WhatsApp, which does not care about all these reactions in any way, is Until May 15 He said it should be accepted. The latest decision reveals that this decision was canceled and that WhatsApp made a tight U-turn.

A WhatsApp spokesperson confirms May 15 is withdrawal

WhatsApp made statements about the claim from India. In the statements made by the company, many users have accepted the new terms of service, but these terms still unacceptable It was stated that there were also users. That’s why a spokesperson said they don’t want to leave users in a difficult situation, No account will be deleted on May 15 and announced that all users will be able to continue using the app as on May 14th. Speaking about the upcoming process, the spokesperson, that they will continue to send notifications told.


WhatsApp Has Been Suffered In Germany: Your Privacy Policies Are Unlawful

Although in the statements made by WhatsApp, it is said that most of the users have accepted the new terms. the end of this is too open It is necessary to say that it is. Because users flocked to alternative applications such as Telegram and Signal to show their reactions to WhatsApp, and this was directly reflected in official statistics. Now, this decision is made, with this trend, WhatsApp’s entirely that you can give up makes you think. However, this time, data sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook will continue without user permission ….

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