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What Will Happen to Those Who Don’t Accept the WhatsApp Agreement?

by tenderpuls

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging service, announced what will happen to users who still do not accept the updated privacy policies after May 15, 2021. Although the company firmly states that it will not delete accounts, it seems to implement a ‘harass’ policy on users.

Popular messaging service within Facebook WhatsApphas become the target of the reactions after it announced that it had changed the terms of service in the past months. Announcing the new privacy policy earlier this year, the company sent users a notification to accept these updated policies, and To February 8 He had given him as much time.

The messaging service, stating that those who do not accept the terms cannot use the application when the time expires, 15 May 2021 had extended until the date. Now the company has published an announcement showing what will happen to users who do not accept the agreement after this date, and what sanctions will be imposed.

WhatsApp will apply a ‘harassment’ policy to those who do not accept the contract:

WhatsApp reiterated on its website that the deadline for users to accept the new privacy policy is May 15. However, there will be no instant events on May 15 and users’ accounts will not be deleted; instead, those who still do not accept the contract after this date will gradually limit what they can do on WhatsApp.

According to the statement made, those who do not accept the contract will continue to see the notification requested to be accepted. After a while, this notification will become permanent and users, in the first place will not be able to access chat lists but still come phone and video calls they will continue to answer. Otherwise, to read or reply to a message or to call back a missed call notifications can be used.

After several weeks of limited functionality, users will stop receiving incoming calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to that user. As a result, users will have two options: First, to delete WhatsApp and switch to a new application, and the second to accept the privacy terms of WhatsApp.


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WhatsApp will implement of harassment policy We will see whether it will work on users or not in the coming days. Well, what do you think about this subject? Your ideas comments You can share with us from section.

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