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Twitch Broadcaster Tuna Yurdakul Ban Yedi

by tenderpuls

Tuna Yurdakul, known for his FIFA broadcasts on Twitch, received a penalty from the platform today for copyright infringement. The publisher, who could not make sense of the incident and received a 48-hour ban, announced that the broadcasts would continue at the end of 48 hours.

On Twitch Fifa known for his publications Tuna Yurdakulreceived suspension from Twitch today. The reactions from Twitter about the ban, whose reason is not understood, were not delayed. Shortly after, the publisher’s statement on Twitter clarified the issue.

Last night ‘SubathonTuna Yurdakul, who started broadcasting, could not understand the punishment like the audience. The publisher, who later enlightened his trackers in the light of the information he received, announced that he was banned due to copyright infringement, and that the broadcasts will continue after the penalty expires..

Removed for 2 days for copyright infringement

FIFA broadcaster Tuna Yurdakul during his broadcast For violating the copyrights of the 2020-2021 Premier League He got suspended from Twitch. Of the platform 48 hours ban decision At first the publisher himself could not make sense. After the reason for the sentence was determined, Tuna Yurdakul announced that the broadcasts would continue right after the 48-hour ban. The reactions from both the broadcaster and the viewers to the platform are as follows:

Tuna Yurdakul’s explanation as to why he was banned:

Tuna Yurdakul Ban

“Ban is unacceptable”

Tuna Yurdakul Ban


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“We (FIFA community) always watch Tuna Yurdakul’s channel. He is a very good publisher. I watched the broadcast for 2 hours today and he didn’t do anything wrong. Ban is unacceptable. “

“What is the reason behind this decision? I’ve been using Twitch for a year and a half, and this guy is the only reason I use your app with flawed and non-consumer friendly interfaces.


Tuna Yurdakul Ban

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