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Tweet from MI6 President: We Are Looking For A New Q

by tenderpuls
MI6 Başkanı'ndan James Bond Göndermeli Tweet: 'Yeni Bir Q Arıyoruz'

MI6 President Richard Moore was on the agenda with a tweet he posted. Moore announced that they are looking for someone to replace Q, chief technology espionage, who designs high-tech products that James Bond uses.

MI6 President Richard Moore has said that the secret service has been James bond He announced that he is looking for employees for his high-tech spy job, for which he made PR with his films. Moree He had previously worked as the former Turkish Ambassador. The “Q” staff member is renowned for designing high-tech espionage products.

To the person who prepared and designed items such as exploding watches, X-Ray glasses, and rope-shaped belts that you are familiar with from James Bond movies, “QIt is called ”. MI6 has had a worse reputation than other intelligence services in recent years. Also in the MI6 documentary made by Netflix MI6It was said that the Russian Intelligence Service really suffered. It was stated that MI6 suffered a serious loss of prestige, especially due to the KGB’s many assassinations in England.

The staff that will make MI6 a pioneer of digital innovation

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