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Turkey ranks 117th in the World Internet Speed ​​League 2020 List

by tenderpuls

The World Broadband Speed ​​League 2020 report, announced in the previous period, did not reveal very good results for Turkey. According to the report, Turkey has lower average broadband internet speed than some island countries with a population of 50,000.

Technology is expanding every day and it is one of the biggest demands of developing technology. increased internet bandwidth. Although it is possible to reach gigabit internet speed in many parts of the world today, in most of the world internet speed averages well below the speeds supported by the hardware.

Cable.co.uk; is an open source project created with the contributions of non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and private sector companies. M-Lab created with the data obtained by the World Broadband Speed ​​League 2020 report revealed the average broadband internet speeds in different countries and regions of the world in 2020.

The report is based on 577 million internet speed test results conducted over 150 million IP addresses during 2020 on Speedtest.net, the world’s most popular internet speed test service launched by Ookla. The report reveals that both unexpected countries are at the top of internet speed and Internet speed problem in Turkey once again reveals.

One of Europe’s smallest states, according to the World Broadband Speed ​​League 2020 report Liechtenstein, Jersey, Andorra, Gibraltar and Luxembourgis among the countries with the highest average broadband internet speeds in the world. also 9 out of 10 countries with the fastest internet are in Europe Another detail in the report.

Countries with the highest average broadband internet speed (2020)

  • Liechtenstein – 229.98 Mbps
  • Jersey – 218.37 Mbps
  • Andorra – 213.41 Mbps
  • Gibraltar – 183.09 Mbps
  • Luxembourg – 118.05 Mbps
  • Iceland – 116.88 Mbps
  • Switzerland – 110.45 Mbps
  • Hong Kong – 105.32 Mbps
  • Monaco – 104.98 Mbps
  • Hungary – 99.74 Mbps

turkey internet

When we look at Turkey, we see that it is in the middle of the list that includes almost all countries of the world. However, this situation does not create a very pleasant picture when we consider Turkey’s position in the world economy. Among the 20 largest economies in the world TurkeyWhen it comes to the average broadband internet speed, the list During the 117th takes place.

Turkey’s position in the World Broadband Speed ​​League 2020 list, countries below and above

  • Dominican Republic – 10.69 Mbps
  • Dominica – 9.96 Mbps
  • Antigua and Barbuda – 9.63 Mbps
  • Northern Mariana Islands – 9.53 Mbps
  • Brunei – 8.97 Mbps
  • Turkey – 8,86 Mbps
  • Fiji – 8.83 Mbps
  • Colombia – 8.80 Mbps
  • Philippines – 8.77 Mbps
  • Ecuador – 8.48 Mbps
  • Kenya – 8.20 Mbps


“If Turkey ranks in the middle with 8.86 Mbps, what is the speed of the last countries?” you might ask. Although we cannot answer this question exactly as “not available”, the average broadband internet speed in the countries at the bottom of the list extremely inadequate for daily use It would not be wrong to say that it is.

Countries with the lowest broadband internet speed in the world

  • Sudan – 1.35 Mbps
  • Somalia – 1.14 Mbps
  • Ethiopia – 1.12 Mbps
  • Tajikistan – 1.01 Mbps
  • East Timor Democratic Republic – 0.89 Mbps
  • Syria – 0.76 Mbps
  • Equatorial Guinea – 0.75 Mbps
  • Turkmenistan – 0.74 Mbps
  • Yemen – 0.65 Mbps
  • South Sudan – 0.58 Mbps

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