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The Notch In The iPhone 13 Family Can Really Be Smaller [Video]

by tenderpuls

A YouTube channel has managed to seize the mock-up of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is expected to be announced in the fall. The channel, which examines the model in detail, says that there will be 2 differences between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, one of them will be the notch and the other will be the camera sensor sizes.

Trying to keep the pulse of the smartphone industry with the videos shared on YouTube Lewis hilsentegerhas made a very important development for consumers waiting for the iPhone 13. According to his own statement, Hilsenteger managed to get a real model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, thus iPhone 13 Pro Maxclearly showcases the design of.

Apple has made a significant change in the designs of phones with the iPhone 12 family. As part of this change, the phone angular The technology giant who made it together seems to act by adopting this design language in a few years. It is possible to say that the iPhone 13 family will look just like the iPhone 12. However, the phone, which is expected to be announced in autumn, this time notch matter it really looks like it will bring a new solution.

According to the model, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will come with a smaller notch

-The phone on the left shows the model allegedly belonging to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. On the right, you see the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The video shared by Lewis Hilsenteger reveals that the issue of notching, which is widely spoken in iPhones, will take a hand. Accordingly, Apple is always center aligned By pulling the speaker to the top of the phone, it will make the notch smaller. Thus, the front camera setup called “TrueDepth” was brought closer together, and this reduction of the screen space occupied will provide. The claim, which has been frequently voiced recently, seems to be very close to being true this time.


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Hilsenteger compares the design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max with the iPhone 12 Pro Max in detail, and in the rear camera setup of the new model. a little difference reveals that it will happen. Accordingly, if this model literally shows the real model, we will have the opportunity to meet with larger camera sensors on the iPhone 13. Time will tell what this growth will bring to the phone. Finally, there is no other difference between the 2020 model iPhone and the 2021 model iPhone, and all the remaining issues. same is that Let’s leave you alone with the video in question.

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