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Statement about Spotify from RTÜK President Şahin

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RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin made some statements about Spotify’s 10-year license in Turkey. Stating that Spotify will act in accordance with the laws in Turkey with the given license, Şahin said that RTÜK will not hesitate to step in when necessary.

The world’s most popular online music platform, in a content we shared with you yesterday. Spotifyhas a license from Turkey. we mentioned. This license, which would be valid for 10 years, enabled Spotify to continue its activities in Turkey easily within the legal limits. Now, there has been a development on this subject. It’s almost like Spotify in the first person on the subject “adjustment“was given.

Remarks about the license that Spotify acquired, as you can guess President of RTÜK Ebubekir Şahin It was done by. Speaking about the license given to Spotify as part of an interview with Sabah Newspaper, Şahin said that Spotify according to the law He said he had to move.

“If Spotify does not act in accordance with the law, we will do what is necessary”

Ebubekir Şahin states that the content to be featured on Spotify must comply with the law from now on. If platform administrators are sensitive about this issue there will be no problem Expressing that the RTÜK president says that if the broadcasts are illegal, the RTÜK will do what is necessary. According to Şahin, before license Spotify doesn’t even pay taxeswill now play according to the rules written by Turkey.


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To apply to RTÜK for institutions providing services over the Internet continue that that Saying that these are important steps, Ebubekir Şahin states that nobody can act as they do in Turkey. Stating that they have done their part in this regard, Şahin said. on a global scale He emphasizes that the number of publishing platforms is increasing day by day and that they closely follow the developments in this field.

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