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Site where you can watch someone else’s view

by tenderpuls

Are you bored at home during the quarantine period and want to see a different view? The website called Window-snap, where people from all over the world share 10-minute views, will take your boredom like a sponge on closing days.

Coronavirus pandemic Due to the concepts of quarantine and curfew entered our lives. During this period, we often had to lock up in our homes. To make this process more fun, our biggest assistant Internet.

If you are bored with the view you see from your window, a website will give you alternative sights offers. When you enter the site, you randomly get the chance to accompany a person’s view.

Hop I was there, I am here

The window-swap at this address makes it possible to look at life from someone else’s window. This window is sometimes In germanysometimes happens in Indonesia and sometimes in Turkey. Users from almost every country are on the site.

What to do after entering the site single thing if “Open a new windows somewhere in the world” That says (Open a new window somewhere in the world) Press the button. Then we host someone who shares his window with the rest of the world.


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Those who want on the site your own landscapes can also share with others. Thus, it is possible to travel the world from window to window, even if we cannot go out on the street. Our view is sometimes a cat playing on the window in Japan, sometimes the Eiffel Tower in the rain in Paris.

Pandemic scenes from around the world

window swap

Thanks to the shared images, it is possible to get to know different countries. For example, cities that may be considered less developed it is flashy can arise. In this sense, it is possible to say that the application is stimulating.


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Ambient sounds are also included in video posts. So rain Or a background playing music You can also share it with your visitors. Of course, there is no obstacle to turning these sounds off and turning on the sounds you want in the background.

During the pandemic period, people transcend monotony develops interesting websites one after another for If you want to try different alternatives, you can find information about 7 different sites in this article.

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