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Netflix Announces All The Movies It Will Release This Summer

by tenderpuls

Netflix has announced all the movies it will broadcast during the summer. The platform, which will present more than 20 movies to its subscribers, seems not to let users breathe in this period.

Changing our habits of watching TV series and movies completely in recent years Netflixdoes its best to provide the best possible service to its subscribers with the work it does. In this context, the platform, which brings dozens of new content to the users every month, thus ensures continuity. The company, which made a new statement about the content it has published, within the scope of this statement summer throughout He explained the dates of all the movies he will be publishing and what these films are.

When we look at the statements made by Netflix, the platform users are very active we can say that he expects a summer season. Because the month of June will be especially important for Netflix users who are passionate about movies. In this context, throughout the summer More than 20 movies Netflix, which will broadcast, will present the most of these contents to users in June. So what movies will Netflix broadcast in the summer?

Here are the movies that Netflix will broadcast during the summer.

Movies to be released on Netflix in May

  • Monster Harmon (May 7)
  • Oxygen (May 12)
  • Woman at the Window (May 14)
  • Army of the Dead (May 21)
  • Baggio: Divine Ponytail (May 26)
  • Ghost Lab (May 26)
  • Blue Miracle (May 27)

Movies to be released on Netflix in June

  • Carnaval (June 2)
  • Awake (June 9)
  • Magic Dragon (June 11)
  • Skateboarder Girl (June 11)
  • One Missing (June 18)
  • This World Is Hard (June 18)
  • Who are you? (June 23)
  • The Ice Road (June 25)
  • The House of Flowers: The Movie (La Casa de Las Flores: La Pelicula)

Movies to be released on Netflix in July

  • Love One Remedy (July 29)
  • Retired Agent (July 30)
  • Red Skies
  • Troll Hunters: Titans Rising
  • Last Letter From My Lover

Movies to be released on Netflix in August

  • Delidolu 3 (August 11)
  • Sweet Girl (August 20)
  • He’s All That (August 27)
  • Beckett

Films whose date has not been clarified

  • Horror Street Trilogy
  • Bob Bross: Painter of Happy Little Trees
  • Noise Family
  • Vivo

Some of the series that Netflix will broadcast in the summer will be as follows

Army of the Dead (May 21)

The movie called The Army of the Dead, which will meet with Netflix users in the coming days, zombie epidemic It tells of a massive heist planned in the world under its influence. This theft plan, planned by a group of mercenaries in Las Vegas, will be of unprecedented magnitude.

Blue Miracle (May 27)

Blue Miracle, based on a true story, is a man who owns an orphanage and in his orphanage focuses on the story of a fisherman with the remaining children. The salvation of the orphanage, which is about to sink, depends on the outcome of the competition between the fisherman and the orphanage members.

Awake (June 9)

Awake, an interesting subject, after a worldwide problem the ability to sleep loser tells about the events people go through. In this context, the film, which focuses on a former veteran and his family, seems to be one of the most talked about June.

This World Is Hard (June 18)

This World Is Hard

This World is Difficult, which may appeal to Netflix subscribers who love Indian movies, is a nomadic gangstertells about the events that happened to him. The choice between being good or bad has never been so difficult.

Red Skies

Red Skies

A strange feeling even by its name, Red Skies is a tension-filled hijacking film. An unfortunate woman with a mysterious illness and her child will be taken hostage by hijackers during a plane ride. The woman, who takes action to protect herself and her son, will reveal her mysterious aspects in this way.

Delidolu 3 (August 11)

Delidolu 3

Delidolu 3, which appears as a youth film, is the first two films after great attention It is one of the productions that fans have been eagerly awaiting. Even though the movie is full of clichés, it is the kind that will make the users have a good time.

Sweet Girl (August 20)

Sweet Girl

His wife suspect death A man who swears that he will bring all those responsible to justice, will protect the only survivor in his family, his daughter at the cost of his life.

Noise Family

Noise Family

The Noise family, which is actually a cartoon series, is again very popular this summer. fun topics will be presented to Netflix users as a movie. If you love animations, this production can really entertain you.


Another one Netflix will release in the summer animated movie de Vivo. A little more art The film, which will appear as a production, tells about the adventures of a man and a cute creature who is his close friend.

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