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Minecraft just fixed an 8-year-old bug

by tenderpuls

Minecraft has just fixed a bug about destroying objects when using anvil, which was first reported in November 2012. Although the bug in question is quite old, it did not affect the overall gaming experience very much.

Despite being an extremely niche game, it has won the likes of tens of millions of players. MinecraftHas just released its new update called Snapshot 21w18a. Released as part of the beta testing of the Caves & Cliffs update Snapshot 21w18acontains an important bug fix.

When players tried to destroy an item they were holding while using the anvil, they were getting an error and dropping the item. Yes, the bug in question is not the kind that will affect the overall experience of the game. What makes the error important, the developer of the error Mojangfor the first time November 2012has been reported in. Yes, the developers have decided to fix the error after ignoring this report for more than 8 years.

Snapshot 21w18a is one of the smallest parts of the Caves & Cliffs update. For this reason, we cannot say that it brings a great innovation. However, after Snapshot 21w18a, more aggressive goats and you may encounter infected block variants that are destroyed in two times less time than usual.

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