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Microsoft Detects New Phishing Scam

by tenderpuls

Microsoft has detected a ‘gift card fraud’ attempting to spoof users by spoofing business emails. In the statement made by Microsoft, it was stated that this phishing scam attempt was full of inexperienced errors.

Undoubtedly, one of the most common fraudulent methods on the internet. emails performed through. Any convincing email address or by imitating the website, users’ information can be accessed, malicious software can be installed on their computers, or users can directly request data such as card and payment information. material damage can be incurred.

Of course, technology giants such as Microsoft and Google have teams working constantly against such attacks and generally these attacks are detected in a short time and necessary precautions are taken. From time to time, there are attacks that cause great damage before being detected, but besides this, it is quite full of clumsy mistakes Interesting trials are also taking place. One of the latest email fraud attempts detected by Microsoft also falls into this category.

More than 120 companies from different industries were targeted:

In the phishing scam, the system is actually not that different from the usual. E-mails from sources that mimic business e-mail addresses with minor changes in their domain names respond to the user with a request to purchase a gift voucher if answered, and if they share their information, their data is captured. However, this phishing scam attempt is quite an unsuccessful attempt looks like.

Because, in the blog post where information on the subject is shared by Microsoft, it is said that the domain names of the e-mails are used with a clumsy change. In one example, for an email using yahoo.com ya00h0o.com an extension in the form of can be noticed at first glance a simple mistake. Moreover, this identity theft attempt contains many ridiculous errors similar to this example.


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Nevertheless, Microsoft warns not to be a victim of such attacks. Of this attack For more than 120 companies It is stated that it occurred, but there is no clear explanation as to what kind of damage it caused.

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