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LiveLeak Says Goodbye to the Internet After 15 Years

by tenderpuls

LiveLeak, a platform where +18 videos of all kinds that cannot be seen on standard content platforms on the Internet, said goodbye to the internet after 15 years of history. The justification for the situation has not been clearly explained.

As the use of the Internet became widespread and controls increased, especially videos containing violence, suicide and sexuality were removed from many platforms one by one. Internet users for such content now visiting the deep web or some people access these platforms using VPN.

It is a platform where anyone who wishes for many years can easily access +18 content. If in LiveLeak the situation was quite different. It was extremely simple to reach a moment of murder, a suicide, or any form of violence and porn on LiveLeak, which does not include any of the content restrictions we are often used to in video platforms like YouTube. We remember with the past tense because LiveLeak, He put an end to his 15-year internet adventure.

Its new name is ItemFix, old content will no longer be:

There is no clear explanation as to why LiveLeak will no longer continue broadcasting. Founder of the site Hayden hewittIn the statement published on the basis of the situation, he only stated that “we will draw a different way, thanks everyone,” but did not explain to its users why such a change occurred.


Kurt Cobain’s Horror Movie in 1984 (+18)

LiveLeak’s new name is different from ItemFix and LiveLeak on this platform. Content such as blood, violence, suicide will not be included.. However, it is not surprising that such a decision was made at a time when such content was not easily available on the Internet. Still, considering that this type of content is the main reason people visit LiveLeak, it is a question of whether ItemFix will manage to retain the audience.

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