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It is said that Sony will “renew” the PlayStation 5 design

by tenderpuls

According to new rumors, Sony is considering “revamping” the design of the PlayStation 5. After this innovation, the 5 nm CPU of the PS5 will be replaced by the 6 nm CPU. Although there is no detailed information about the effect of this innovation on PS5 for now, there is a possibility of a performance loss, albeit small.

PlayStation 5, with the effect of people closing to homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak Best debut game console of all time had happened. However SonyThe PlayStation 5 was unable to increase its production to the extent to respond to demand, which is now impossible to happen by the ongoing shortage of microchips.

According to the information transmitted by Digitimes, Sony PlayStation 5plans to make a significant design change in. According to the news Digitimes based on industry sources, Sony has to meet all of its suppliers, including TSMC. PlayStation 5’s renewed design He stated that it will start production in the second or third quarter of 2022.

So why is Sony changing the design of PlayStation 5, which is currently breaking sales records? Kantan Games CEO Dr. The answer to this question, according to Serkan Toto cost. Dr. Toto says Sony’s processors are very expensive, as the 5 nm CPUs currently powering the PS5 are AMD’s new 6 nm semi-customized CPUHe states that he will replace it with his’ s.

Therefore, the “design” change of PlayStation 5 will be in the components rather than the external appearance of the device. So what will this change affect the performance of PlayStation 5? To be honest, this question is hard to answer. Probably Sony is the PlayStation 5, which is likely to be the best-selling game console in history just to increase profits. will not afford to reduce its performance.


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