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Instagram Is Testing Subtitle Stickers For Stories

by tenderpuls

Instagram is testing stories and caption stickers on Reels for those who don’t like to watch stories audio and have hearing impairments. With this feature, all sounds in the story and Reels videos can be added as subtitles.

The world’s most popular visual content-based social media platform Instagram:continues to improve the user experience with new features. The new feature started to be tested by Instagram; Stories and Reels subtitle tags for.

Instagram’s new subtitle The basis of its feature is the ability of people with hearing impairment or direct hearing impairment to understand what the sounds in the Stories or Reels videos are without hearing them. also who don’t want to watch videos with sound Any person will be able to take advantage of the subtitle feature.

The caption feature for Stories and Reels will be a tag that the creator can add to the video if they wish. So when the feature in question is released, users can slide the screen up when they shoot a video to share as Story or Reels or select it from the gallery labels menu will open it and select the subtitle tag from here and add it to the video. Viewers will have no control over subtitles.

When you add the subtitle sticker to the video, Instagram will after analyzing the video for a while it displays the sounds in the video as subtitles. Before sharing the video, users must have the caption just like a standard text. his style, position or color. They will be able to arrange. When you post the post, everyone who watches it will necessarily have viewed subtitles as well.


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Instagram’s new feature is only The English It will be available in spoken regions and in the Stories feature. In the following period, both features more language options will be added as well as caption stickers can be used on Reels videos.

Video showing how to use the Instagram caption sticker

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