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Here are Alternative Applications to WhatsApp [15 Mayıs Son Gün]

by tenderpuls

After Facebook’s radical decisions, a notification was sent to WhatsApp users, which they had to accept. WhatsApp accounts of users who do not accept the new conditions, including the use of personal information Facebook and its companies, will be deleted after May 15. We have listed alternative messaging apps for those who do not accept WhatsApp’s notification.

WhatApp was founded in 2012 and reached millions of people in a short time. The ad-free messaging experience and the promise not to share user data with anyone made it popular with everyone. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion. Here everything changed color after this sale and Facebook, user data processing policies gradually reached a completely different point.

WhatsApp is now falling out of sight by sending a privacy notice requesting consent for the use of personal information by Facebook and its companies. Suggested by Elon Musk SignalBased in Dubai, one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms after WhatsApp TelegramBased in China WeChat and many more applications interest is intense. We have explained these alternatives to WhatsApp for you.

  • NOTE: The accounts of users who do not accept the notification sent by WhatsApp, as stated in the notification From 15 May 2021 will be deleted. These users will not be able to access WhatsApp with the same account, if anyone wants to use it, as of May 15, everyone will have to accept Facebook’s new terms and conditions.

Alternative applications to WhatsApp:

  • Viber,
  • ICQ,
  • Google Duo,
  • Signal,
  • Telegram,
  • Turkcell BiP,
  • Discord.

Viber, where you can delete your messages at any time:

Viber, which is one of the most powerful alternatives of WhatsApp for your video, audio and text messages, stands out with the feature of deleting written messages whenever you want. This time is 5 minutes in WhatsApp was limited to. At the same time, you can hide any message you want on the chats screen. With the games in the application, you can have fun with the other person when you get bored while messaging.

Cons: The application file size is too high. Therefore, it may freeze on devices with low system specifications. It has a somewhat crowded interface due to its large number of features that do not appeal to the general public.

Mobile version of ICQ, used when there are no smartphones yet:

Those who have had childhood in the 90s will know ICQ closely. The legend of an era, the platform has returned as a mobile platform in recent years. ICQ has the advantage of being a direct competitor to WhatsApp. Open to unlimited participants channel chatsis among the very high quality alternatives with video and audio group chats and messaging groups.

Cons: There may be data accumulations with high application file size, causing swelling in the background over time. This situation can annoy users of low-performance devices.

The non-profit, ad-free and secure Signal, also recommended by Elon Musk:


Offering a high level of privacy, Signal is a direct competitor of WhatsApp; it has much more transparent policies than it. The application, which has all WhatsApp features, including video and audio speech, draws attention with its ability to work as an SMS application in the Android version. So on your Android phone SMS application You can also replace it with Signal.

Edward snowden In addition to its end-to-end encryption feature, Signal, which is recommended by experts in the field of data privacy; It also has useful features such as automatic deletion of the sent message within a certain period of time.

  • Signal – Private Messenger

Telegram, one of the most powerful alternatives to WhatsApp:


Telegram, which has been threatening WhatsApp for a long time, is a very light and easy to use application. There is no limit to group messaging. For those who are very used to WhatsApp, the interface is difficult to get used to, but it easily stands out from all unnecessary messaging features.

Cons: Since the end user gets used to applications such as WhatsApp, it has an interface that is unfamiliar at first, but it disappears when you get used to it.

Turkcell BiP for those looking for a local mobile application:

BiP, which is the first application that comes to mind when it comes to local WhatsApp alternative, can offer many different services with subscription to various channels, apart from features such as messaging and video calling. With Smart Fax and messaging sending money BiP, which has achieved highly innovative works with its features such as Turkcell to its users Thanks to its advantages such as free internet, it increases the number of users every day.

For those who want to create channels and chat rooms as a community, Discord:

Although it is known in Turkey as it is generally used by Twitch broadcasters, Discord is one of the favorite meeting places of the players. Compared to an ordinary messaging application, crowded channels offer the opportunity to set up chat rooms. It is definitely not suitable for everyday use, but if you have a large number of Discord users in your immediate environment, you can choose it.

Microsoft’s application other than these applications Skype Lite, Line and Threema You can easily use messaging applications such as a. If there are other alternatives that you think everyone might like, do not forget to mention them in the comments section.

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