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Give us permission to stay free

by tenderpuls

After the ‘Application Tracking Transparency’ feature introduced by Apple with iOS 14.5, Facebook added an interesting article to its notifications to persuade its users to track permission. With this clause, Facebook asked users to grant tracking permission to help keep apps free.

With the iOS 14.5 released recently, Apple introduced a very striking feature for the privacy of users. ‘Application Tracking TransparencyThanks to the feature named ‘, all apps and websites on iPhones have to obtain explicit consent with a notification that explains the situation in order to follow the movements of users.

But of course, many advertisers, along with Facebook and Google, did not like this. Because user movements cannot be followed, will significantly reduce advertising revenues it was a step. As a solution to this situation, it was understood that the developers offered special opportunities to users in return for follow-up permission, offered a kind of ‘bribe’, and Apple had issued a warning by bringing new regulations on this issue.

There was a threat from Facebook, not bribery:

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg said in a past statement on the subject that this feature could even have a positive effect on Facebook’s advertising revenue in the long run. However, it turns out that Zuckerberg is not quite right about this. Because Facebook, in order to follow its users persuasion methods even searched and found.

In the tracking permission notification offered to users on iPhones for Facebook and Instagram applications, ‘Help keep the app free‘statement is included. So Facebook is open to iPhone users, if I do not give me tracking permission and I am deducted from my ad revenues. I will ask for that money from you says. This statement of Facebook also complies with the new interface guidelines published by Apple.


Years ago, Apple wanted to bring iMessage to Android in spite of Google’s possibility of monopoly

It is a matter of curiosity how Facebook will get feedback on this issue, whether it will choose iPhone users data or free Facebook and Instagram. If news begins to come in the near future that Facebook and Instagram will be paid, we will understand that Facebook did not achieve its purpose. But to be honest, millions of people who have already given follow-up permission easier to believe.

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