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Facebook End-to-End Encryption Explained

by tenderpuls

Facebook, which has often managed to be on the agenda with data privacy violations, made a statement that would not help its bad reputation. It has been announced that the end-to-end encryption feature will not come to Instagram Direct and Messenger application for a while.

When it comes to the privacy of personal data, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the least trusted companies in this regard. In the past years Cambridge Analytica case who have a very difficult time in this regard. FacebookHe tried hard to fix his image after this incident.

Of course, his image has improved and it is not possible to say that people trust Facebook more. But, at the same time, considering that there are still billions of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram users, we can say that this bad reputation of Facebook has almost no bad effect on it. Of course it pays Billion dollar fines if we ignore it. One of Facebook’s important promises to its users regarding data privacy is to secure conversations on Messenger and Instagram Direct. end-to-end encryption was to bring. However, according to the latest news, this will not happen very soon.

They will encrypt messages in 2022 at the earliest:

WhatsApp, which has been brought to the agenda in our country with its new confidentiality agreement in recent months and has gathered reactions, is currently the only application of Facebook that offers end-to-end encryption in messages. But Facebook In 2019 Messenger and Instagram Direct also announced that messages will be protected with this feature. However, this period was delayed afterwards, and the end-to-end encryption feature did not come to these two applications, which billions of people frequently use for messaging.


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According to the latest Facebook statement, this will not happen in 2021 either. At the earliest in 2022 According to Facebook, which indicates that it is possible to switch to the use of full end-to-end encryption, this is a very long process and studies are continuing for improvements. If expectations at the earliest in 2022 The introduction of end-to-end encryption in Instagram Direct and Messenger. It is certain that all these delays will have a worse impact on the company’s image of already being damaged.

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