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Facebook Blocks Signal from Advertising on Instagram

by tenderpuls

Signal wanted to put everyone’s eyes on how Facebook uses user data by advertising on Instagram. However, by blocking Signal from advertising, Facebook prevented the disclosure of how users’ data was used.

Known as the world’s most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, with a statement made in the past months, announced that it will update the terms of use and privacy. Statements made by WhatsApp developers revealed that user data would be shared with companies belonging to Facebook. This naturally disturbed the users. As such, it is one of the most preferred instant messaging services for users looking for a new application. Signal had happened. Completely privacy oriented Signal became a favorite of users in a short time.

Signal developers recently announced a very striking detail on their official website. blog post they published. In this post via Facebook Trying to show ads on Instagram Developers who said that they could not achieve their goals, Facebook’s advertising algorithm announced that they prevented them from advertising.

Signal’s intention to advertise was not to advertise the app

Signal’s ad campaign was not to encourage users to Signal. By focusing on Facebook’s ad serving model, developers offer users some give messages they wanted. There were only some messages in the aforementioned advertisements. However, none of these ads were posted by Facebook. not approved. Because Signal developers have to explain why users see that ad in the texts they write, that is, Facebook’s your dark side He wanted to put it in everyone’s eyes.


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In one of the advertising texts prepared by Signal, the users who saw this ad were made up of chemical engineers who liked K-pop and They live in Berlin was expressed. The authorities, who said that these users had a baby in the recent past, would be shown advertisements to users that contain exactly these criteria, if they could achieve their goals. In a similar way Teachers in moscow Signal, who also created special texts for doctors in London, unfortunately, did not achieve his goal.


Signal developers, who made statements about the unsuccessful ad retrieval process, for user data he says he’s developing technology. In addition, the developers stated that it is not explained how this data is used, and if this continues like this, the users will also to pursue their freedom they express that they will continue.

Signal’s banned ads are obviously the product of superior intelligence. Because if these ads could achieve their purpose, Facebook’s data about users how you use it would have emerged exactly. However, in accordance with the saying “whoever stole the minaret prepares its cover”, Facebook has in order to prevent it from breaking out does not put it behind its best.

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