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Countries and Cities with Highest 5G Speed ​​Announced

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OpenSignal announced the countries and cities with the highest average 5G connection speeds. It was noteworthy that there is no city from the USA in the list where Asian and Middle Eastern countries and cities are predominant.

Next generation wireless mobile data technology 5GAlthough it supports potentially very high connection speeds, there can be serious differences in the connection speeds offered by 5G depending on the condition of the infrastructure and the density of the service area. Mobile analytics company Opensignal, based on April data countries and cities with the world’s fastest average 5G speeds explained.

5G is getting more widespread South Korea, 361 Mbps is the country with the highest average 5G speed in the world. Not surprisingly World’s fastest average 5G city is also located in South Korea.

When we look at the countries with the highest average 5G connection speed, South Korea Taiwan and United Arab Emirates’We see that he is following. Australia and Japan other countries that completed the top 5. Meanwhile, although South Korea is at the top when it comes to average speed, when we look at the highest 5G connection speed, we see that the United Arab Emirates is in the first place.

Countries with the highest average 5G speed

  1. South Korea – 361 Mbps
  2. Taiwan – 309.9 Mbps
  3. United Arab Emirates – 269 Mbps
  4. Australia – 239.6 Mbps
  5. Japan – 231.5 Mbps
  6. Saudi Arabia – 229.8 Mbps
  7. Finland – 219.5 Mbps
  8. Kuwait – 212.9 Mbps
  9. Switzerland – 173.3 Mbps
  10. Austria – 162.8 Mbps

countries with the fastest 5g

Countries with the highest “instantaneous” 5G speed

  1. United Arab Emirates – 863 Mbps
  2. Japan – 856.5 Mbps
  3. Taiwan – 845.9 Mbps
  4. Greece – 797.8 Mbps
  5. Saudi Arabia – 776.3 Mbps
  6. South Korea – 736.6 Mbps
  7. Spain – 623.4 Mbps
  8. Switzerland – 592.7 Mbps
  9. Finland – 587.5 Mbps
  10. Australia – 573.6 Mbps

When we look at the cities with the highest average 5G speed, we see that almost all cities belong to 10 countries with the highest average 5G connection speed. At this point, only Ireland’s DublinOf Spain Barcelona and Canada’s Calgary their cities are among the cities that offer the fastest 5G connection speed regardless of their country.

Cities with the highest average 5G connectivity in the world

cities with fastest 5G

  1. Jeonju, South Korea – 415.6 Mbps
  2. Hsinchu City, Taiwan – 360.1 Mbps
  3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 317.3 Mbps
  4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 285.4 Mbps
  5. Tokyo, Japan – 277.5 Mbps
  6. Melbourne, Australia – 257.6 Mbps
  7. Zurich, Switzerland – 245.1 Mbps
  8. Dublin – Ireland – 194 Mbps
  9. Barcelona, ​​Spain – 188.8 Mbps
  10. Calgary, Canada – 184.1 Mbps

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